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Madame Antoine

2016 Drama Fever 16 episodes

Sung Joon has made my top A list Korean actors again.  He never ceases to keep me staring at the screen -preventing me from doing a list of chores that desperately need tending too. 408 more words


[Kdrama] ‘Madame Antoine’ and 'One More Happy Ending' ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I started ‘Madame Antoine’ and ‘One more happy ending’ with no interest and barely read anything about their plot. Outside the actors’ list there wasn’t anything special to attract me. 462 more words


Madame Antoine Ep 1 recap Ep 2 preview

Hello everyone!

Drama on a sofa is back with a new project, that had been requested.

I hope we are going to have fun weeks ahead with the drama Madame Antonie. 2,129 more words


Just Stay - 2AM Lyrics [romanized, english, hangul] (그냥 있어줘 – 투에이엠)

naega bogien jigeum ni gyeote geu saramegen
niga anin dareun nugunga itneun geot gata
aniramyeon eoddeohge neol geureohge daehal su isseo?

geumanhae jebal naemal jom deureo… 382 more words