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Eagerness in people!!

Shall I call them two-faced or multi-faced,

Or shall I call them people with black hearts,

No matter what I call them,

They will eagerly do what they always do, 156 more words

Different Angles

I hope I don't jinx myself ...

I am not a superstitious woman by any means. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a worrier … and I’m paranoid … and I have a BAZILLION unrealistic phobias … but if I break a mirror or knock over some salt I feel like I’m going to be OK. 77 more words

A Piece Of Me

Jinx - Loyalty #Video @BlastTheBeatTV

Jinx’s video for his track “Loyalty” taken off of his latest mixtape ‘States Of Conciousness’ is a banger. Salute to my boy Jinx, road rhymes and realism. Big things…


I'm a proud momma!

Well look at me go. I finally start my blog, get it up and running, even write a few posts… and then I enter a huge writing hiatus. 661 more words

Jinx's Origin Story

It was a late November afternoon in 2004. I had been talking with my coworkers all day about my boyfriend getting me a kitten for Christmas. 566 more words


Wanted Jinx

Das englische “wanted” Plakat bei der Enthüllung von Jinx, listet ihre Verbrechen auf:

Mord, grundloser Angriff, Störung des Friedens, öffentliche Anstößigkeit, wieder Mord, unerlaubte erneute Färbung von Besitz, unvorteilhafte Nachahmung eines Beamten, rücksichtslose explosive Detonation, Zerstörung des Friedens, wirklich belanglose Diebstähle, übertriebene Waffengröße, einige weitere Morde, anstacheln von Massenpanik, Spaß über den Frieden machen, unachtsam die Straße überqueren und fälschen von “Gesucht” Plakaten. 11 more words