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And now it's time to go back to the Nursing world

So I think I have a career jinx this year. First I got hired as a community nurse last January but I didn’t accept it because no one will look after my 5 month old baby that time and I was assigned in Famy, Laguna which is really inconvenient for me since I’m currently living here in Pasay. 1,112 more words

Math Jinx

I thought I was going to have an A. Exactly that is what I said to my mother. I think I jinxed it. Now, I’m having second thoughts. 14 more words

Microblog Monday: Jinx

May I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ever blog about a “sweet spot” again. Or mention it aloud. To anyone. Ever. Never ever. 208 more words


Liebster Award

Just today, I was nominated by Jinx, who writes Tales of Touperdu, for the Liebster Award. I have made a page on my blog with more details, which you can find at the top of the page, or just click this link below. 23 more words



6th of May, my birthday. Went to a job interview. Got my hopes up. Imagined how it would be if I worked there. Was totally cool and likeable. 529 more words


Cabin, Day 650

Today I learned that Jinx does not just tolerate, but may actually enjoy, getting a haircut. I got a new set of hair clippers this afternoon and gave them a try with her. 145 more words


Curtis Danburg Talks The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx, Why Progressive Field Is The Place To Be This Weekend And MORE

This morning, we asked Curtis Danburg if he or ANY other person in the Tribe Organization believed in the jinx, this PLUS, find out why the New Corner bar is the place to be this weekend! 21 more words