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As one of my sons cradled our dying cat at the animal emergency clinic a few days ago, we sobbed as the medication entered his body through the IV port in his left front leg. 322 more words


Just Say "hi" to Flight Attendants

I don’t understand where simple common courtesy has gone. I grew up learning the to use the simple courtesies of “hello,” “how are you,” and other phrases. 906 more words

Nature. Cheaper than therapy

I love setting up landscaping photos, especially with creations from Little Branch, they are so realistic and full of colour. I chose to include my horse in this photo because I remember having the new release, from… 49 more words

staying healthy in a sick world

Every winter season we all have to make the decision weather or not to get the flu shot. Don’t worry this isn’t a post about me wanting people to get it or even my reasonings for not getting it. 782 more words

Self Awareness

Colorful Chaos

In losing everything< we begin to come home to ourselves. Complete devastation has a way of cracking our hearts wide open so we can begin the decent into the valley of original medicine AKA who we came here to be. 1,156 more words


Meteor Mags: Jam Room

This vignette is a postscript to our sixteenth adventure, Rings of Ceres

Meteor Mags: Jam Room

The day before her 106th birthday, Meteor Mags showed off her drum set to the new girl, Jinx. 2,259 more words

Meteor Mags