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OWLS Disruptors Blog Tour: Naruto

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New year, new venture! I’m so excited for our first OWLS Blog Tour! If you are unfamiliar with our OWLS community group please check out my post… 1,647 more words

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Naruto Season 3 Revisited: One More Time


We are back on the Naruto train kids! Please, please, PLEASE! If you have never watched Naruto before and would like to read a spoiler free review go check out my Naruto Season 1 Revisited: Come On! 731 more words

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Naruto Online:Is Jiraiya a successful ninja?

I used to read a lot of mangas before. But I don’t have much time to do that after work. Naruto anime is the only manga that I’m still reading. 313 more words

Naruto Game Infor

Rebirth - Nagato

Nagato, the man who once called himself Pain after he lost his best friend Yahiko. Thereafter, he quickly became the power which tried to take over the world and it’s pain by starting anew. 74 more words


Jiraiya's death is the most sadded in game

This year online a very funny mmorpg online game, the name is Naruto OL, I told my friends to play, more interesting is that he does not actually see Naruto, just simply like to play game, but play After this game, he spent about two weeks to see Naruto anime, and then began to see comic chasing plot, so that the charm of Naruto is still great. 222 more words


Pervert Jiraiya! Talented Kakashi - Naruto Shippuden 483

Naruto Shippuden 483 concentrates on Jiraiya and Kakashi and their life throughout some periods of their life not yet covered. Jiraiya’s story covers him and his perverted period where he peeps on girls and goes on a few missions. 330 more words


"stones. boulders. words. all sucker punches."


“Bây với nhóc đầu đỏ thì dễ dàng rồi. Cái con bé mà bây phải lòng ấy.”

“Kushina ạ? Con với Kushina có gì đâu.”

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