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And the Leaves Will Grow.

Once again.

I initially only wanted to do two posts just to celebrate this past weekend where Live Spectacle Naruto: Song of the Akatsuki… 272 more words


Fire Burns.

Continuing with Midnight Inspirations from Naruto! ^^

Here’s another of my favourite lessons from everyone’s favourite mentor, Jiraiya.

“Look at this piece of paper.” 139 more words

Midnight Inspiration

Naruto and Jiraiya

Finally catching up on Naruto and these two are the best.


Naruto Boruto Characters..

Though Boruto is different , many characters are same lets overview them a little

1.Boruto= younger Naruto or adult sasuke

He is the main character ,a prodigy, a son of the hokage and has a goal in life though they are different in many ways though people may argue he is like sasuke well he is but that is when he might become older.also has a sibling. 294 more words


Classic Ninjas And Mystery Skills.

This year I’ve played many MMORPG online games. My favorite one is Naruto Online because it has a high level of restoration of the Naruto anime. 325 more words


Ashes in My Wake

March 2, Sandaime Year 24, six years before the Kyuubi

There are only a handful of mourners at the funeral, and they are outnumbered by an unruly mob at the crematory gates. 988 more words

In Konoha

Naruto Shippuden: Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant (Episodes 129-133)

This arc focused on Jiraiya, Naruto’s teacher who taught him for the past three years. He goes on a secret mission to find out more about Pain, a member of the Akatsuki organization, in the Hidden Village of Rain. 333 more words