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The Armoury: Rasengan

The Rasengan is a powerful, condensed ball of chakra formed in the palm of the wielder. Based on the tailed beast ball,  Minato Namikaze spent three years developing the Rasengan. 38 more words

The Armoury

Two Arcs that Show How Special Naruto Online Is

Naruto ended, in my opinion, it was by far the best Japanese animation ever. Nonetheless, Naruto was not perfect and there are two special parts that in my opinion were closed in a very hastily manner. 268 more words

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Nakama, Grow Well

My brother you turn 21 today. I figure as you are the one who introduced me to anime, it would only be fitting if I use your favourite anime character in your message. 31 more words


Sexy no Jutsu Jiraiya

Today my photography/Photoshop senpai came over to teach me some sweet new skills. Of course, that means we had to do a mini photo shoot to play around with. 61 more words


Gamas of Mount Myoboku in Naruto Online

Naruto is my favorite anime but I really don’t like the ending! I think the plot should reach its climax after Jiraiya’s death and the pace after that is too fast. 412 more words

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