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Jiraiya's death is the most sadded in game

This year online a very funny mmorpg online game, the name is Naruto OL, I told my friends to play, more interesting is that he does not actually see Naruto, just simply like to play game, but play After this game, he spent about two weeks to see Naruto anime, and then began to see comic chasing plot, so that the charm of Naruto is still great. 222 more words


Pervert Jiraiya! Talented Kakashi - Naruto Shippuden 483

Naruto Shippuden 483 concentrates on Jiraiya and Kakashi and their life throughout some periods of their life not yet covered. Jiraiya’s story covers him and his perverted period where he peeps on girls and goes on a few missions. 330 more words


"stones. boulders. words. all sucker punches."


“Bây với nhóc đầu đỏ thì dễ dàng rồi. Cái con bé mà bây phải lòng ấy.”

“Kushina ạ? Con với Kushina có gì đâu.”

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Form prayer

I’m doing a discipleship year at my church, St Thomas Philadelphia, Sheffield. At the start of the year, everyone writes a prayer to sum up what they want God to do. 618 more words


Time to get sketchy (take 2)

Of all the anime I’ve watched (not too many), I’d say Jiraiya would go down as my all-time favourite character. He’s one of the more level-headed shinobi (a ninja) in the Naruto world. 230 more words

30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

It’s not uncommon for people to grow attached to anime characters. In most cases we spend a lot of time watching these guys on screen, so it makes sense that we’d grow attached to them. 280 more words


Day 19: Most Epic Anime Scene

Anime Challenge! Anime Challenge! Here we go again with Day (Week) 19: Most Epic Anime Scene Ever. Jeez Louise. Talk about pressure! There are a lot of damn good anime scenes out there. 454 more words

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