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Look who's here for summer


It’s Jiraiya’s lifeguard towel, produced by Massive Goods, on the Tokyo balcony. Will the lifeguard be helpful in an earthquake, too?


Naruto chương 511: Cô nhi và mưa

Lưu trữ từ Vnsharing. Viết cách đây khá lâu rồi ;_;


Bài viết này không phải là một review mà chỉ là vài dòng cảm nhận sau một lần ngẫu nhiên lật giở lại những trang truyện xưa cũ của Naruto. 5,233 more words


Sakura's Emotions! Naruto's Chakra Control - Naruto Shippuden 409

Naruto Shippuden 409 follows the story of Sakura as she with Ino and Choji try to beat their opponents who just don’t know when to stop. 436 more words

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Lillith Bear

This is your chance to discover “Lesbearonic drag.” It’s Sunday, March 22 at SF Oasis. Underground Japanese manga artist Jiraiya will also be appearing from Hokkaido.


Naruto Fluff Time Shippuuden 394 & 395 Review

Yep. Never fails. Just when things getting spicy. Naruto and Sasuke is near death. Madara tearing stuff up. Now we have a flash back with Lady Tsunade. 260 more words


Chunin Exams Begin! Sakura's Strength - Naruto Shippuden 395

Naruto Shippuden 395 carry’s on with the Chunin Exams as we follow Sakura in her journey to become stronger. We also see Naruto train with Jiraiya in order to use Kurama’s chakra to his advantage. 435 more words

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