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Classic Ninjas And Mystery Skills.

This year I’ve played many MMORPG online games. My favorite one is Naruto Online because it has a high level of restoration of the Naruto anime. 325 more words


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March 2, Sandaime Year 24, six years before the Kyuubi

There are only a handful of mourners at the funeral, and they are outnumbered by an unruly mob at the crematory gates. 988 more words

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Naruto Shippuden: Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant (Episodes 129-133)

This arc focused on Jiraiya, Naruto’s teacher who taught him for the past three years. He goes on a secret mission to find out more about Pain, a member of the Akatsuki organization, in the Hidden Village of Rain. 333 more words


Naruto Season 4 Revisited: Fighting Dreamers

Hey Grimms,

I’m back at it with my Naruto reviews. So far I have reviewed seasons 1-3 and this will be my season 4 review. Exciting stuff! 605 more words

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OWLS Disruptors Blog Tour: Naruto

Grimms <3

New year, new venture! I’m so excited for our first OWLS Blog Tour! If you are unfamiliar with our OWLS community group please check out my post… 1,647 more words

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Naruto Season 3 Revisited: One More Time


We are back on the Naruto train kids! Please, please, PLEASE! If you have never watched Naruto before and would like to read a spoiler free review go check out my Naruto Season 1 Revisited: Come On! 731 more words

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Naruto Online:Is Jiraiya a successful ninja?

I used to read a lot of mangas before. But I don’t have much time to do that after work. Naruto anime is the only manga that I’m still reading. 313 more words

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