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Enlightenment at Urban Light

Why hello there. I’m back! And I’ve missed you.

This is clearly not a look post as I’m sure you don’t need advice on how to style a guy’s suit jacket that’s three times your size. 309 more words

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Your Path, His Plan: Amy Basel

There are some days where I take about ten hours searching the world wide web on people, blogs, websites, organizations, and leaders who live Luke 9:23… 954 more words

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#MotivationMonday Screenshots

As I was scrolling through iPhoto, I realized I screenshot excessively. Even if I “like” an inspirational quote on Instagram, I still snap-and-save it so I can stick them into a folder that I can constantly go back to. 66 more words

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Until Everyone Sees Jesus

“Your inheritance is being one of God’s great people, forever. It’s coming.”

Last weekend was an unexpectedly pleasant one! I went into the weekend thinking I was going to babysit not knowing God would rather place me in a room full of the wealthy few who are using their finances to further the Kingdom of God. 449 more words

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Life UNnormal: Jessica Romero

“You’re Okay”

We had this saying in Cross Country, “when running, don’t look at the rocks… you will step on them. If you step on them, they could trip you up or injure you. 1,700 more words

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Fashion Flat Lays: Week Three

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was unexpected yet surprisingly very enlightening. But more on that later ;) Here are a few flat lays from last week’s looks with more and more wardrobe recycling. 397 more words

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Fearer and Worshipper

My name is Samantha and I was born in Gabon-a country in Central West Africa. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and I currently reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 822 more words

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