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10 Delicious Movies About Food That Will Leave Your Taste Buds Tingling

This list comes with a warning: Do not watch these movies on an empty stomach! They all have amazing stories and characters and actors to pay attention to, which you will not be able to do when your grumbling tummy demands that you feed it some of the delicious food on screen.  625 more words


Dreams of Perfection

Yesterday I watched a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi, depicting the life of an 85-year-old sushi-master called Jiro. When this film was shot, he had been making sushi for 75 years, ever since the age of 10. 585 more words


Should it really take so long to become a sushi chef? Japanese entrepreneur calls system a scam

Since even before the phenomenally popular documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi put the idea up on the big screen, there’s been a belief in Japan that it takes a long, long time to become a skilled sushi chef… 716 more words


壽司之神徒弟的Sushi Nakazawa


一直覺得自己算不上饕客, 對吃沒有什麼研究, 也很少會特地計畫去吃哪間餐廳, 尤其好的餐廳通常要提前訂位。講求隨性的我實在很不喜歡提前訂位這件事, 還好有個朋友對這種事十分熱衷, 只要他安排好, 我去吃就行了, 倒也不錯。

在此之前我是沒聽過Sushi Nakazawa的, 一開始沒什麼興趣, 但後來知道他是壽司之神Jiro的徒弟後便想去吃吃看, 想知道跟一般的壽司到底有什麼區別。 55 more words


Sobre lo pretencioso que es que ame tanto esos documentales de cocina, o como realmente esos documentales son creatividad pura

Me encantan los documentales de cocina, las extraordinarias historias de extraordinarios artistas cuyas obras no puedo probar, solamente tengo su narración y la parte visual, que es tan incompleta como escuchar una pintura. 280 more words


What We Watched- Weekend Edition (September 25-27)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi– A miraculous little film, this documentary tells the story of Jiro, an 80-year-old sushi chef who runs a small, 10-seat restaurant in Japan which has three Michelin stars (anyone who knows anything about food will know that’s an impressive accomplishment).   417 more words

10 Things You See In Sushi Bars

Eating Japanese food is one of the healthier and more fun dining experiences I like to divulge into. However there are some cool things and some really fucktarded things people do in the local sushi bars. 1,207 more words