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IWSG: I Didn't Think Sushi Would Be Inspirational

Always … look ahead and above yourself.

Always try … to improve on yourself.  Always strive to elevate your craft.

That’s what he taught me.

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Sukiyabashi Jiro (すきやばし次郎)

Anyone who loves sushi, loved the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, or googled the phrase ‘best sushi in the world’ has heard about Jiro and his awe inspiring dedication to the art of Edo-style sushi. 422 more words


Editor David Guthrie Nails the Perfect Cut

In the entertainment industry, every creative position on a production plays a vital role to its success, and the job of the editor might be the most important of all. 510 more words

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Netflix February 2016_day.14 – Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

_Being successful requires some form of sacrifice. So far in my life, I’ve been unable to sacrifice enough to be a success. I think I put too much weight on my emotional state. 489 more words


Dreams of Sushi

I’ve never once hated this job.  I fell in love with my work and gave my life to it.  Even though I’m eighty five years old, I don’t feel like retiring.  

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi x Mindfulness

Depending on which group of hipsters you pay attention to, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is one of the greatest documentaries ever made. More than a few entrepreneurs, authors and podcast guests have spoken highly of the documentary about the sushi restaurant owner named Jiro. 497 more words

10 Delicious Movies About Food That Will Leave Your Taste Buds Tingling

This list comes with a warning: Do not watch these movies on an empty stomach! They all have amazing stories and characters and actors to pay attention to, which you will not be able to do when your grumbling tummy demands that you feed it some of the delicious food on screen.  625 more words