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JISC Research Data Network Workshop

Today I attended the JISC Research Data Network Workshop hosted this time by Cardiff University. So far we know research data services are desirable (priority): there is a growing demand for managing heterogeneous and growing volumes of data across the entire research lifecycle; we know that research data services are possible (feasibility): there is an increasing array of on-premise and in-cloud platforms to select from; the challenge, certainly for us at least, is making these services sustainable, secure and manageable (viability). 3,076 more words


JISC Technology Start-Up Competition (UK)

Jisc, which is a United Kingdom non-departmental public body whose role is to support post-16 and higher education, has announced that its supporting technology start up projects competition is open for applications. 140 more words

Moving Image Archive

The Moving Image Archive is Scotland’s national collection of moving images and is held at the National Library. You can watch over 1,700 clips and full-length films which have been collected together from donations or produced in collaboration with film-makers.You can watch films in the Moving Image Archive catalogue, hire DVDs or make an appointment to watch films on-site.  229 more words

Is your information past its sell by date?

All too often I read a report or survey on Learning Technology to find that although it is presented as though new, on closer inspection, I find that the information it relies upon to form a conclusion may be traced back to information from over a decade ago or even further. 787 more words


The future of data-driven decision-making

How do we move to a data-led culture in UK research and education? The second in a series of reports to emerge from our horizon scanning project… 143 more words


Apprenticeships, employers, providers...

…what is the connection with technology and why should we care?

Well according to those enforcing government policy, not much and going by the services being meted out by high level consultations, such as with area reviews, even less. 1,235 more words


White Hats, Black Hats

Received an e-mail blast from EBSCO today that passive-aggressively directs readers to a recent American Libraries article by Marshall Breeding. It describes,

“…a new open source project introducing a new chapter in library technology: a first-ever community collaboration to develop a modern open source library services platform with full ILS functionality. 261 more words