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Competing in Jiu Jitsu is About More Than Just Medals

Sure, medals are nice, but a focus on simply winning can sometimes end up hurting more than helping.

Black belt Mike Muscemi recently talks about this in an instagram post. 729 more words


What the hell? Why not?: Keto Day 3

Uh… I love fats. I cooked all the chicken thighs for my lunches in one go, and before I tore off the meats to put in my salad, I ate the skin and congealed fat with my fingers, and it was heavenly. 351 more words

Healthy Things

Article on Fight 2 Win and Their Focus on Women in BJJ

Hey all, it’s taking me a little longer than anticipated to gather my thoughts for a full post, so in the meantime here’s an article from Jiu Jitsu Times about… 16 more words


Dealing with Downtime

On April 13, 2019, I dislocated my shoulder during a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. It took about 5 minutes and some help from a teammate to get it back in place. 261 more words

Personal Improvement

[Side Note] Psychological Warfare: Why Nick Diaz is My Favorite Fighter

I was writing up my 10 favorite/most used apps and discussing why I enjoy fighting games in part due to their close strategic relationship with actual, real-life combat. 891 more words


Discipline, respect and confidence: Halifax students learn from MMA legend Royce Gracie

In the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, no name is more well known than Royce Gracie.

Gracie’s father Helio Gracie is credited with inventing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, doing so much for the martial art that it’s often called Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. 830 more words


Mid-Year Update

Cal and I discuss our year at the halfway point and reflect. We also dive into books we are reading, want to read and our goals as we look to the end of the year. 7 more words