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Winning Through Failure

I remember when I first started training and everything was just so hard. I got smashed every round and it seemed like everyone around me picked up techniques ten times faster than I did. 414 more words

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I’m Going to be Sore Anyway- Health and Jiu Jitsu

I Choose Soreness!!!

My hands are sore everyday. I am trying hard to teach or train at least 4 days a week at Gracie Barra Princeton and the soreness used to limit my training. 288 more words

Scranton MMA Show #30

Scranton MMA Show Today we have Tyler, Steve Wilson and Steve Polito Joining us! So we talk a lot about Muay Thai. How did Steve & Steve get started, their thoughts on self defense, MMA and much much more on this great striking art. 23 more words


Information Overload

Some days I find myself overwhelmed by the immense sea of knowledge that I have yet to master. I can be trying to perfect how to do a proper bridge and hip escape, and next thing I know someone releases a DVD series on something completely new to me and I start drowning in the information. 472 more words

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Holly McLean - Portal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Name: Holly McLean
Age: 31
Belt: Blue
Club: Portal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
How long have you been training? On and off since 2016
How did you get into JJ? 943 more words

Blue Belt

Japan, Tattoo, and Other Shenanigans

So I think it has been maybe two years since I have been consistently writing. Writing on a touch screen just been so frustratingly slow that I give up a paragraph into most update attempts. 310 more words

Jiu Jitsu

Become the Lion

“Train until the lamb becomes a lion.”

What a powerful phrase!

How often do we become complacent in training not only on our bodies but our minds as well? 135 more words