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Peer pressure & Jiujitsu

Peer pressure is often an unspoken truth in Jiujitsu. Used constructively, students can be inspired to compete, improve, train hard, and extract what is already “in them”. 122 more words


Cross Body Escapes with Master Carlos Machado

Master Carlos is a phenomenal teacher.  I’ve had the opportunity to train with him in a seminar environment as well as at his home academy in Farmers Branch, TX during one of his affiliate training weekends.  72 more words

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From Brown to Black

The last milestone before the Black Belt is arguably the hardest. Technical knowledge is that of a black belt, perhaps one’s been besting other brown and black belts, perhaps one has been teaching, and perhaps you’re one of the rare advanced belts in the gym(as is a huge possibility in a young or small gym). 289 more words


From White to Blue

The prior post referenced the general criteria for deserving a promotion. This one references the tangible and intangible qualities that I look for. I generally also follow the “time in grade” requirements set forth by the IBJJF and SJJIF. 210 more words



Several weeks ago I learned a lesson in auto care. Well, it wasn’t so much a lesson but accepting the fact my 12-year-old car needs extra TLC. 1,261 more words

BlackBelt Bound

Relson's Mount Escape

I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of Relson Gracie’s seminars. He never disappoints with his mix of jiu jitsu and old-school stories. He is quite the personality, and I have enjoyed every minute of mat time that I have been able to share with him. 151 more words

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Qualities that influence promotion

“A belt covers two inches of your behind, it’s up to you to cover the rest”- Royce Gracie

Jiujitsu generally doesn’t have a standard promotion guideline; mainly it’s followed according to some federation’s standards or the instructor’s discretion. 142 more words