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Don't Let The Goals Blur The Objective

In my opinion we in the west have wrecked traditional martial arts. Our damning focus on success and goal setting has perverted the martial arts, particularly Karate, into something that is way out of line with their benefits and beauty. 564 more words

Photographing The Kima Warriors - Part 1

For the past few years now, my daughter has been taking “karate” at a local dojo, Silva Fusion Martial Arts.

The dojo is run by Master Tony Silva with an assist by Coach (and Tony’s fiance) Kim Robles. 651 more words


Right In The Privates

One of the things that is much more prevalent with Brazilian jiu-jitsu than other martial arts is the occurrence of private instruction. For many of the early practitioners who began training when Brazilian jiu-jitsu first made it’s debut in North America (and I’m sure elsewhere) private instruction was the only option on the table. 461 more words

Scranton MMA Episode 26

Scranton MMA Show Episode 26! Good job to Christine who competed at Nogi Pan Ams this weekend! We’re talking about tournament strategy for anyone who wants to get into the tournament scene. 50 more words


Why Every Child Should Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

One of the most rewarding aspects of my life is being a kid’s coach in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Over the last year I’ve been an instructor at my gym where I’ve had the privilege of training the youngest of our practitioners: the Tiny Ninjas and Beginner Little Ninjas.   977 more words


Nihilism and Jiu-jitsu.

Nihilism is the philosophical view point that life- our existence- has no inherent meaning. This throws a lot of people into despair upon their first encounter, I know it did for me. 421 more words

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