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A review of Tiger Balm

Since I’ve bought it, this tube of “Muscle Rub” by Tiger Balm has not left my gym bag. Or my school bag. Or my side at all. 601 more words

Article on Why You Should Learn Jiu Jitsu

Preaching to the choir, I know.

But, if you have someone in your lift who is considering dipping their toes into the BJJ pool, Part Time Grappler has a nice article that lays out a number of benefits that come with learning jiu jitsu. 10 more words


An Interesting (and Odd) Article about Someone Using Jiu Jitsu IRL

Well, this can be filed under the strange and unusual: apparently a shoplifter is suing Target because an employee knew jiu jitsu and “attacked” the thief. 59 more words


Grande Master Flavio Behring

Many times, as I run into the new age of Jiu Jitsu practitioners I am confronted with the alarming statement, ” I don’t know who he is” For those of you who don’t train Jiu Jitsu that’s ok; but if you train for any length of time and do not know your history…well shame. 878 more words