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One Week In


As some of you know, this blog was created as a project for my high school English class. The prompt was simple. Create something that you believe in. 317 more words


Are you not entertained?

Lets be honest, BJJ is not a good spectator sport. For the uninitiated it’s a mass of thrashing limbs and bizzare movements, or perhaps a static, immobile mass of two humans locked together – either way, without understanding the intricacies of the art, spectating isn’t all that interesting. 1,246 more words


Board breaking revisited

I have written briefly on the benefits of board breaking (Tameshiwari) practice here, but after a good deal of thought on the subject, I’d decided clarification and more detail was necessary. 444 more words

here we are

so it’s a random tuesday which is my laundry day.  my husband decides he needs a mental health day from work and wants to hang out with me.   981 more words

Jiu Jitsu Seminar Posters 2018

I have been a student at 10th Planet Portland for three and a half years now. In this time I have earned a Purple belt and also teach the kids classes. 40 more words

Graphic Design

Vida después del Oss

Me gustan las tradiciones y respeto las raíces pero tengo claro que la evolución es el principal concepto del aprendizaje. Entender, corregir y aprender de tus errores para no cometerlos una y otra vez, porque como la mentalidad Danaher para que vas a seguir luchando dejando de lado la mitad de tu cuerpo? 165 more words
Jiu Jitsu

Day 00031

Session 00031

Rolling felt good today. When rolling with people of similar ability I still feel like a draw is a win. I am able to stay in control (somewhat), and I avoid giving up positions. 112 more words

Jiu Jitsu