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How valuable is your time?

Twenty Four hours. That’s all you get in any given day.

You are the only person accountable for how well or how badly you spend your time. 191 more words

Martial Arts

Off To California I Go...With an obligatory Zeppelin song

Time to queue the obligatory Zeppelin song

I finished up my last session of training yesterday morning and spent the remainder of the day relaxing. Today, I started everything by waking up at 2:30am to start the process of heading to the airport to catch my flight to California. 153 more words


Shoyoroll Batch 37 Human Chess Black /쇼요롤 배치 37

This is one of a rare gi. I really like the black and white contrast. Since it is themed chess, the checkers looks great with it. 81 more words


My First Blog Post.... Yikes!

It always seems like with anything in life that the hardest part is doing it the first time.

This is something I tell people all the time when they first start doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 368 more words


Comp. Class Does Not Love You

And that’s the point.

Today I had my first ever, real, competition class experience.

I hadn’t been in the academy at all during the week just from being ill, but today I woke up feeling decent enough to get back to the mats.  296 more words


My first 7 classes

My first 7 classes have been life changing and amazing, with great people helping make each class enjoyable and allowing me to go at my own pace. 270 more words



The concept behind this whole #blacklivesmatter movement is awesome. I view the idea as being the most recent attempt of ridding the United States of the backlash and historical segregation and judgement that has been cursed upon the African American race. 419 more words