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Guerilla Jiujitsu

This is one of my favorite books. Dave Camarillo shows a lot of techniques, but more importantly he gives you a way of thinking about your Jiujitsu game.


Each Month is a Round in the Fight of My Life

DAY 17:
Another week working on half guard techniques. I tried to walk in to class focused on the two things I needed to improve: staying low and tight in boa and getting up on my knees into dogfight. 1,513 more words

The Secret Mission

About that phone call I got when I was at the Newcastle Open, it was from my instructor Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott.

Let’s back track for a bit, a few weeks prior to the phone call Speedy and I were discussing two students, Shaun and Scott Edmondson. 476 more words



I can totally relate. This is exactly how I feel sometimes.


Are you really a killer

On the mats the other day i was shown a video of this “killer ” at ibjjf tournament the kid was good and all but through the highlights i didnt see any taps a few submission attempts but no taps i dont know about you but that doesn’t make a killer imagine a guy that showed up for work everyday and only did just enough to keep his job would that be a model employee i don’t think so and jiu-jitsu as a sport will never get where it needs to be with point riding and stalling and as a martial artist you wont be where you need to be when its time to defend yourself this is why the sub only format of the goodfight,ebi,metamoris,u.s grappling need to be supported cause the true killers….finish… 13 more words


Newcastle Open

So a couple of Saturday’s ago myself and 3 other guys from my gym went travelled the 3&1/2 hour journey from Dundee to participate in the Newcastle Open. 852 more words


BJJ Asian Open Cup 2013

المدالية البرونزية في بطولة كاس اسيا المفتوحة في دبي – اول بطولة اشارك فيها برياضة الجيجتسو

In August 2013 I got the opportunity to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time at Pride Fitness with Charlie Calderon and I fell in love with this amazing sport ever since! 118 more words