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Old Former Athletes Wanted!!

If you are a former athlete you miss that hunger every day.  That reason to get up and train, that team comradery .   Now your in you late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a beer gut and no motivation.  163 more words


Parang wala sa mood si koyang nagtuturo ng martial arts. Yung parang ramdam kong naiinis siya. Malay ko ba sa kaniya. Siguro nag-away sila ng jowa niya. 14 more words


Just Go!

Jiujitsu fitness… I don’t REALLY know either.

As I find myself entering another rush of excitement about training I can’t help but wonder how to approach fitness for my passion. 281 more words

White belt vs Black belt in BJJ

We had BJJ world champion Victor Estima at our BJJ school recently for a seminar. There was a guy there who I think is trying to make a life for himself as a YouTube Vlogger (although he only appears to have 1 video on YouTube!) 28 more words


The art of being gentle.

I am not sure if that is the meaning of Japanese Ju/Jiu-Jitsu. You can correct me on this.

Two weeks into the training and I am having a hard time executing the breakfall (the “proper” way of falling – that’s how I understood it). 261 more words

Project One Day

Watching Eckhart Tolle

I was just watching Eckhart Tolle (“It’s your Mind that creates the Problems“) at about minute 4, where he starts talking about how the mind creates problems by… he doesn’t use this exact word, but I interpret it as anticipating (problems). 345 more words