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Fucking hell – my ACL is gone. Again. Which, even though I suspected it, is still a fucking blow.

They’ll do a surgery sometime soonish to take out the old screws and do a bone graft so they have somewhere to put new ones – and then give me a new ACL in about three months, once it heals. 443 more words


Points or sub

points have been a part of jiujitsu  for quite some time now and I for one feel that it’s the biggest problem  in the sport today. 191 more words

I'm back!

Last night I returned to the mats after a 3 week hiatus caused by work, family and a silly injury that really pissed me off as it was my own doing but hey who cares! 408 more words


Injured - Again.

Not sure I should update since, hell – I don’t have firm answers yet – but it looks likely that I re-injured my knee. As in, tore my ACL. 636 more words


Man With A Mission On The Mat

I had figured out some major holes in my game. It was time to fix them. It was time to take my training more serious. I was ready to leave it all on the mat. 536 more words



I jinxed myself, talking out loud about how awful I feel about the idea of teaching folks when I feel like an idiot myself.

My coach wants me to teach an introductory women’s-only BJJ seminar. 317 more words


BlueBelt Blues....

I felt horrible after my performance at NAGA. It was an ego crush. So demoralizing. I had so many things running through my mind. How good am I? 696 more words