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I thought I’d focus my first post on something that’s practically free for everyone with access to a fist and an orifice! That said I will only be talking about vaginas and butts today; I can’t fit my fist in my mouth. 1,463 more words


Crunch Time and Changing Times

by Rich Moreland, December 2014

It’s crunch time for me and I don’t mean holiday shopping. John Hunt Publishing of the UK is preparing my book, 984 more words

Finding Validation in Queer Porn

Additional TW: Reference to trans slur, abuse

Society wants me to die, preferably at the hands of someone else (although suicide is acceptable) and if I have a miserable life before dying that’s just expected. 1,076 more words

Being Jiz...

“Jism,” the word used to be a snicker, snicker, wink, wink, instead of source for an in-their-face popular “genderqueer” FAAB porn star’s nickname, Jiz. 

Online you can find this ropes-and-bondage depiction of Jiz, who’s been popular for several years going back to 2009 and earlier: 277 more words

Gender Identity: We're questioning the RELEVANCY of this? REALLY???

So, I’ve mentioned the Old Dude’s addiction to Fox News. Every so often I hear something that makes me perk my ears up and take notice. 245 more words

Why Porn Is Political...And Totally Hot

I’m sure I wasn’t the only chubby-ish butch lesbian to get mercilessly tortured from elementary school until university.
But I’ve heard the best revenge is living well. 369 more words

(Click the photo to read our Exclusive Interview with Porn Star @JizLee!)

(Source: http://superdps.com/2011/06/05/life-lessons-from-alt-pornstar-jiz-lee/)