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Jen Mark Gucon

Hi my name is Jen Mark M. Gucon
but you can call me jm. I like to travel around the world but sometimes i just want to stay at home and sleep and eat. 223 more words


My work buddy

The date last Thursday went alright. He’s been more on the asking side, I’ve found a number of similarities with G. Definitely a G.2.

Unlike the first time, not only do I see his moves, but also what he’s trying to accomplish. 96 more words

New Logo

In addition to the new look and name, I have made myself a logo. Up until this point, I have been using a purple version of the Jedi Symbol. 402 more words

Another thing that makes it easy

Getting over a breakup this time around is so easy that I am still trying to figure out what made it so.

I was actually in an exceptionally good mood yesterday. 203 more words

Still alive and kicking

I guess it takes the lowest low to assess one’s progress. Two years ago I was in shards and shreds. G. took advantage of it and I ended up in a six months of bullshit sex only. 116 more words

I like to date it, date it!

I saw JD briefly the day before yesterday. Then went out with JM last night – for bowling and beers. Tonight I am supposed to go to movies with JD again. 302 more words

A level-up

JD and I got together last Saturday night and ended up spending most of yesterday together as well (I had to step out for a meeting with a girlfriend). 351 more words