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Update #4

After some thought and a meeting with my teacher, I have decided to extend this blog’s stay in South America. I feel that there is more to be explored, from Myriam Montoya’s stories of post-partum depression to men’s definition of women to Latin American spirituality. 46 more words


Le Salon du Rhum Belge, Spa si facile de s’y rendre… – partie 2

Suite de mes aventures belges au salon de Spa.

Après vous avoir présenté un bon paquet de nouveautés lors de mon précédent article, je vais cette fois-ci me concentrer sur une partie spécifique du salon : l’espace collector. 1,542 more words


Lil did I know

Sooooo, this blog’s name was a self-fulfilling prophecy – I ended up at a mental health facility last Tuesday – spent a night there too. Voluntarily, but still. 371 more words

Update #3

I plan on being offline for the next week or so reading the novel Iphigenia: The Diary of a Young Girl Who Wrote Because She Was Bored by Venezuelan author Teresa de la Parra. 44 more words



People say that all this pain
is more than worth it,
but right now
it just feels like pain.
I am afraid of the aches, 129 more words



There is

in my dreams

an overwhelming unease.

I dance


in my self

A desire for vengeance.

Unbraiding my skin

I am a corpse… 39 more words


The Hairiest Girl in the World

After Clarice Lispector

In the snowy mountains of Asia, the Brazilian explorer Enrique Soto, respected intellectual and renaissance man, came across a community of hardened farmers where the men had backs like black bears and even the women boasted full beards. 2,191 more words