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Best friends ever!

Three girlfriends asked me yesterday and today what the matter was and if I needed any help.

You’re the best! Thank you, I cannot tell you how much it means to me! 258 more words

Life's full of disappointments

I should be used to them by now. And still they hurt like fuck. Oh well.

 “The Universe sent me, remember? ;)”

All those small things, signs if you will – like how I wrote a message to the Universe and you appeared at the same time… Or how my Match subscription auto renewed on me, letting you find me. 249 more words

Best birthday ever!

JM and I got together in the evening, went for a stroll in a park in downtown of the town I live in. (After we found parking spots and each other once we had parked). 448 more words

I'm falling for the guy

I’ll admit, things are pretty well on the right track. For now. (I always have to remember to add this one!). It’s the first time that I am not exactly falling, or diving into deeper feelings than just liking (not love yet, nope), but rather sliding into it, slowly sinking (although sinking might be a bad verb to use in the case, somewhat negative, but oh well). 353 more words

Things are well with JM

We went for another date last night, the one where he was making up for last Wednesday. (He asked me out, said he’d be passing my town on his way from the city to his town and ended up getting stuck in the city until nine pm. 668 more words

Knocking on the wood - JM guy

He’s for real! OMG!!! No matter how things go from here, but he’s like a breath of fresh air!

I know, I know, I must have had said it about G. 844 more words