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Final Reflection/Goodbye

My last few days of high school end before the close of this week; with the end of an era comes too the conclusion of this independent study. 812 more words


I think I'm onto something...

Soooo last Friday my smoking buddy asked me out for a coffee (which I said a maybe to), JM keeps messaging me more than usual and JD guy asked me if I wanted to go meet his sister next Friday. 209 more words

Hwang Jin-Yi (1506-1560)

Hwang Jin-Yi, a sixteenth-century female escort and entertainer, made a name for herself writing elevated verse about beauty and love. She largely wrote in sijo… 344 more words


Full Play Rough Draft + Update #9

This is the completed script to my play about British Indians returning home. Recall that it’s inspired by Bapsi Sidhwa’s Water. This version of the play is not what I imagined, and I’m not quite sold on the ending: I feel like there’s not enough conflict to create a climax. 2,515 more words


Necklace Extenders

What a difference a necklace extender makes.  Each necklace has its own perfect resting spot and for each person and shirt and/or neckline, the perfect spot will be different. 67 more words

Native American

My mantra

It was a goodbye kiss unless proven otherwise.

It's only been 6 months

Since I last saw JM. We got together again last night. I now know what made me so crazy about him. We have similar views on so many things, it’s unbelievable. 101 more words