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The JM guy

I might as well write this story down now – as it’s at a stage where I am not scared to just waste my breath anymore, so to say. 1,413 more words

Times Like This

It’s quarter to eight. You’re out with your friends having dinner, celebrating Jac’s birthday in advance (it’s his birthday tomorrow). I’m listening to some Lady Antebellum,  518 more words

Doubt Hillary will. Doubt John won't.

The idea of a Trump presidency is a ridiculous statement that sparked an equally unbelievable support movement. Wasn’t meant to last this long, but here we are. 321 more words

Who ya gonna call?

Guess who wants to talk about movies and media again.

I know I talk about this kind of a lot but my world is media. A lot of people’s world is media! 915 more words



I feel so selfish for thinking this. Is this my way of patching things up, for healing myself?

I cannot think of the distant future with the same people I am with. 126 more words


Forgive me for the lack of eloquence in this post.

For those of you who don’t know: A gunman killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in… 154 more words


Why, Aria, why?

So I just received a bit of disturbing news…

But first, a hypothetical situation:

Sixteen year old girl, back in her home town after a year long leave of absence, sneaks into a bar. 669 more words