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Download Files Using JMeter

Hola Testers,

Let’s talk about how to download a file from API call using JMeter. First you have to create a JMeter project by adding Thread Group, HTTP Requests and etc. 77 more words


Creating Weighted Flows in JMeter

It is pretty common for applications to have multiple flow paths. For example, it is common in mobile games to have one call flow for players that have authenticated with Facebook and a very different one for anonymous players. 367 more words


REST API Automated testing approaches

Did you know that it is possible to implement REST API Automated testing with JMeter? If no then this blog post might be interesting and show how powerful is JMeter. 447 more words


Configuring workloads using JMeter - Defined Percentage Probability

Here is the usecase: I have 3 scenarios named A, B and C which are to be load tested with 6, 3 and 1 threads respectively. 89 more words

Load Testing Oracle/Postgres JDBC Query Through Apache JMeter

The Requirement is to load test Oracle and Postgres Databases using JMeter (Apache Open source) load testing tool.

I need to work on two scripts one pointing to Postgres Database and the other script pointing to Oracle Database. 159 more words


Convert JMeter jtl report to HTML

Use the below option from command prompt:

jmeter -g C:\Projects\JMeter\Installer\apache-jmeter-3.1\Results\Results.jtl -o C:\Users\asharda\dashboard


Load Testing Oracle Stored Procedures Using Apache JMeter

Last week I was asked to load test few oracle stored procedures created by another team. These stored procedures are invoked by java services and the delivery team wanted to test them in the performance environment before pushing them to production. 823 more words