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A Guide to Developing JMeter Test Plans

Defining Test Plans

It’s usually tempting to plan for a big test coverage and you might be able to achieve it initially. However, Web applications are always evolving. 849 more words


How to live healthy technical/non-technical life or without being ill forever ? simple tips for technical/non-technical people to be healthy without being ill .

Hey friends,
Hope you are doing well…
All the time I right technical blogs but this is a non-technical blog related to our technical/non-technical friends because if we are ill then we have to apply for a technical sick leave ;) right!!!!!! 289 more words

How to solve Jmeter Heap memory error or jmeter running out of memory?

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Recently I had faced the a problem in Jmeter and then I found a solution by my R & D, so here is that I am sharing with you all and will be helpful to you. 246 more words

JMeter: Writing Sampler Data into the File

Method requires 2 post-processors on Sampler element:

Post-Processor 1
Type: Regular Expression Extractor
Extracts some data from the request into a variable (say, “myData”)

Post-Processor 2: 174 more words


Memory leak during Performance testing

As far as my learning’s and understanding goes, Let me tell u
1. Main and V imp. Memory leak cannot be measured in a single test run, it can measured only doing multiple test runs and Memory leak can happen MAINLY during (when i say mainly, dont mean it to be ONLY ) STRESS testing rather than Performance testing… 46 more words


JMeter with Graphite

JMeter, probably the most popular open-source tool for load testing, can now report test results to Graphite! The Graphite listener is not part of the latest release (2.12), but it is included in the nightly build and it works quite well. 38 more words


jmeter SSL certificate issue, how to import it

1. While running in Jmeter you might find issues as:

or other handshake issues, Some how with few help from Jmeter FB group found an solution: 119 more words