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Executing POSTGRES sql query on JMETER

JMETER Supports different databases like postgres, mysql etc through their respective JDBC drivers (although with a little different syntaxes for each one of them)
We will go through a step by step tutorial to perform it for a postgres database (either local or remote instance) 626 more words


Debugging JMeter Tests

When creating components of a JMeter test plan, or when changing the configuration values you may find the requests are no longer successfully sent. Here are some options for debugging. 269 more words


Using a SetUp Thread Group in JMeter

If you need to perform actions before the main load test is done (e.g. obtaining a session token), this can be achieved using a SetUp Thread Group… 76 more words


Using BeanShell in JMeter

If you need to do any complex or unusual processing, you will most likely find yourself using the BeanShell component. This supports Java syntax as well as other scripting features. 151 more words


Using the JMeter ForEach Controller

The ForEach Controller can be used to make HTTP requests once for each variable in a group. A group of variables can occur when you extract multiple values from a request with an… 132 more words


Collecting Results in JMeter

The results of a load test can be viewed by adding Listeners. Different listeners display the response information in different ways. However, they all write the same raw data to the output file if one is specified. 426 more words


Creating JMeter Requests

Requests (SOAP or REST) are a type of Sampler that are added to a Thread Group as part of a load test plan. They are run in order of appearance. 336 more words