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Response Assertion in JMeter

1. Context

After creating a test plan, you run it and you can see the results look good, all GREEN, but you might not aware of this, it’s NOT so sure that the test is run correctly if we just look at the GREEN result, it might fail inside but you never were known. 751 more words


Ramdom String generator in jmeter


The above generates a 15 Char string from the specified character’s


The above generates a 15 Char string from the specified character’s and stores in variable “myVariable”


Recording Tests with JMeter

The HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder allows JMeter to intercept and record your actions while you browse your web application with your normal browser. JMeter will create test sample objects and store them directly into your…

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How to install plugins in JMeter 3.0

I’m pretty sure while you’re working with JMeter, you must use at least one plugin. So, what are the JMeter plugins? In addition to the official features of JMeter, there are some good features called plugins. 341 more words


Regular Expression Extractor in JMeter

Allows the user to extract values from a server response using a Perl-type regular expression. As a post-processor, this element will execute after each Sample request in its scope, applying the regular expression, extracting the requested values, generate the template string, and store the result into the given variable name.

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CSV Data Set Config

CSV Data Set Config is used to read lines from a file, and split them into variables. It is easier to use than the __CSVRead() and _StringFromFile() functions.

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Thread Group in JMeter

Thread Group elements are the beginning points of any test plan. All Controllers and Samplers must be under a thread group. Other elements, e.g. Listeners…

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