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JMeter : How to set a Cookie using Beanshell

Here is a Beanshell script that will add a cookie to the cookies sent in every HTTP request.

import org.apache.jmeter.protocol.http.control.Cookie;

// Retrieve the cookie value from a JMeter variable called "myCookieValue"
String cookieValue = vars.get("myCookieValue");

// Create a new Cookie and add it to the cookie manager
Cookie cookie = new Cookie("cookieName", cookieValue , "localhost", "/", false, -1);

log.info("Cookie added: "+cookie);
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Default Listeners for Vaimo Load Tests

By default the following out-of-box JMeter listeners are used for each load test:

How to push data back to Google Analytics

Since jMeter is not a real ‘Browser’ it does not execute any Javascript after receiving the response from web server. Google Analytics session tracking and number of visitors on the site is dependent on Javascript execution to send required data asynchronously back to Google, therefore when we use jMeter we are not able to see any data in Google Analytics regarding our load test (we are interested in number of visitors on the site). 486 more words

Autoscaling Containers on Kubernetes on AWS

One of the challenges I faced recently was the ability to autoscale my containers on my Kubernetes cluster. I realised I had not written yet about this concept and thought I would share how this can be done and what the pitfalls there were for me. 964 more words


How to run JMeter behind the Proxy

If your company use the proxy, so you might get some problem while working with JMeter. The normal browser can access the website normally but JMeter. 891 more words