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Pass data from TG to other TG

When we have saved the data in our Post-Processor after our calculations, then we need to put it into a var, only once we have put the data we want inside a… 55 more words


Available Android app of Testeverything Site


Now you view the TestEverything Site updates on your Android mobile.just download the android app

Please refer the below link to download the apk file of  Teverything Site. 18 more words


Pokémon Go ‘Stresses’: Why is Performance Testing Crucial?

As per a recent article by Everest Group, Pokémon Go’s usage time is recorded to be even higher than that for applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat! 587 more words

Performance Testing

Simple JMeter Script to test RESTFul WebServices

This example will help you understand simple concept of creating and running JMeter Script to test RESTFul Web Services

In this example we’re using HTTP GET request with one input parameter. 359 more words


Apache JMeter Thread  Properties Explanation!

If 50 threads are used and the ramp-up period is 10 seconds then Apache JMeter will take 10 seconds to get all the 50 threads up and running. 35 more words


Install Apache JMeter!

  1. Install Java.
  2. Visit the Download Apache JMeter link to download the JMeter Binary Release Zip format file.

  3. Extract the .zip file to the desired location.

  4. 18 more words