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How to set a list of jmeter properties with a list of jmeter variables

Hey guys, today I will post about a quick code to set properties in runtime from jmeter variables.

Where you could use this ?

If you have a list after extract with json path extractor and you want to set a property to use in another thread group, this could be useful. 81 more words

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[DajSięPoznać#20] JMeter i testy wydajnościowe


Testy wydajnościowe z wielu względów przeprowadzać warto. Pozwalają one stworzyć metryki responsywności systemu przy normalnym ruchu (load testy) oraz zbadać ograniczenia systemu i jego zachowanie w sytuacji nadmiernego obciążenia ( 291 more words


Jmeter Data Extraction from File

When we talking about Performance Testing, Some time we faces the scenario like we have to extract data from file. Extraction data from file is very important part of performance testing. 105 more words


Integration of database with JMeter

Now a days web & mobile applications getting more complexed to add security features like email verification, third party sign up integration, password defaulting and many more. 242 more words

Controlling JMeter ThreadGroups with -1

When I script large JMeter projects I immediately default to run scripts through config files. That means that all sorts of variables get pre loaded at the start of the test ( 244 more words


Format XML Responses in JMeter

Here’s a rather sheepish tip from the “If only I had read all the documentation” file.

One of my pet peeves with JMeter is that it doesn’t “prettify” xml responses by default. 201 more words


Basic authentication (Login) in JMeter

This blog will answer you thaat how to provide basic authentication details to login in the website and perform the other test functions on your site. 197 more words

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