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Load Testing with JMeter: Part 1 - Getting Started

Load Testing with JMeter: Part 1 – Getting Started

Brandon Konkle

Part 1 | “Part 2”/blog/2011/oct/12/load-testing-jmeter-part-2-headless-testing-and-je/ | Part 3

Last week, Yann Malet and I gave a talk at DjangoCon about… 2,016 more words

Limit Load in your Applications Configuring Oracle Traffic Director in Java Cloud Service

Every instance of JCS (Oracle Java Cloud Service) can be provisioned with OTD (Oracle Traffic Director). Oracle Traffic Director is a software load balancer that runs inside OPC (Oracle Public Cloud) or Oracle Engineered Systems such as SuperCluster or Exalogic. 165 more words


มาทำ Performance Testing ด้วย Apache JMeter กัน

ถ้าพูดถึงเรื่องการพัฒนา web application แล้ว สิ่งที่ขาดไม่ได้ คือการ test

การ Test ก็มีหลายวิธี ทั้ง

  • Unit Test
  • Full-Scale Test
  • AB Test
  • Functional Test
  • Web Security Testing

และ อื่นๆ อีกมากมาย แล้ว Performance Testingละ 256 more words


Solution for java socket connection error - permission denied when using recording of VPN based websites

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From very long time I was facing a problem in jmeter when I was running any website which is connected by VPN so here is the solution – 129 more words

Performance testing of IIB Flows using JMeter


JMeter is an open source testing software from Apache Software foundation. JMeter can be used to test functional, regression/load/performance cases. The common tools which are used to test IIB flows like RFHUtil, SOPAUI, NetTool etc are found very good for unit testing or functional testing scenarios. 938 more words

IBM Integration Bus

The Performance Testing Best Practices

As a tester, your job is to deliver the best possible feedback on the promptness of an application in the development cycle as early as possible. 586 more words

Performance Testing

Invoke Browser - Performance Testing with Jmeter

In case you want to have more realistic performance test results , use of browser based performance testing is the way to go. As we know that Selenium has capability to perform browser based testing using WebDriver.  95 more words