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New Methods in Java 9: Math.fma and Arrays.mismatch

There are two noteworthy new methods in Java 9: Arrays.mismatch and Math.fma.


This method takes two primitive arrays, and returns the index of the first differing values. 1,271 more words


Choosing the Right Radix: Measurement or Mathematics?

I recently wrote a post about radix sorting, and found that for large arrays of unsigned integers a handwritten implementation beats Arrays.sort. However, I paid no attention to the choice of radix and used a default of eight bits. 532 more words


Sorting Unsigned Integers Faster in Java

I discovered a curious resource for audio-visualising sort algorithms, which is exciting for two reasons. The first is that I finally feel like I understand Alexander Scriabin: he was not a composer. 1,422 more words


Comparing Streams with Arrays

Java 8 added some great features which, combined with the vigilance of a responsible adult, make it easier to keep a Java code base civilised. Streams and lambdas, especially the limited support offered for primitive types, are a fantastic addition. 1,979 more words


Antique Cast Iron Spittoon Porcelain Inside Jmh

Antique Cast Iron Spittoon Porcelain Inside Jmh
For Your Consideration This Antique Cast Iron Spittoon Has Porcelain Inside- Lots Of Patina — Chips In Porcelain – Paint Is Rough – Rust – Letters JMH On Bottom Please See Pics For Condition – Quite Heavy For Size! 17 more words


Premature Optimisation: Avoiding Boxed Integers

All too often I see that trove4j has been used in favour of the standard collections library, presumably because of a fear of the cost of integer boxing. 1,156 more words



The BMHS Highlander’s girls rugby team bested JMH Tommies 32-10 in their league opener on Thursday night at McKenna Field.   1st year player Courtney Sarault scored 3 tries in her first ever league game, 2nd year Center Gabi Choumiline-Savoie scored her first league try, and veteran full-back Jessica Sauter also ran in a try and converted a kick. 138 more words

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