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Quarry loading signals wiring #3

After a brief festive break I have finally completed the wiring of the quarry load out signals. The black enamelled copper wires from the LEDs have now been wired to the terminal block. 35 more words

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I like my Ubuntu USB serial ports to stick to the same link for JMRI

There is nothing in the


folder containing anything related to ttyUSBx, so I created


containing simply:

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb-serial", KERNELS=="ttyUSB?", DRIVERS=="pl2303", SYMLINK+="ttyUSBDCC"
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb-serial", KERNELS=="ttyUSB?", DRIVERS=="ftdi_sio", SYMLINK+="ttyUSBCAN"
… 54 more words

Quarry loading signals improved

To control the movement of wagons through the quarry load out building I need to fit some signals. My first attempt at some loading signals… 84 more words

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Decoder Management for Dummies

I pop the shell off one of Dana’s Atlas SD-60Ms, remove the decoder, and clean the brush contacts, but the motor still doesn’t respond. “They ran great the last time I had ’em out,” he had told me, “but I can’t get ’em to move now. 602 more words

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Getting active

After a bit of a quiet spell, due to ‘circumstances beyond our control’ as the BBC might put it, I’ve actually finished some wiring and started testing the layout. 238 more words

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Game on!

No, I’m not watching the World Cup in the loft! I’ve just fitted a monitor on the end wall to display the output from the… 94 more words

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Building blocks

Today I have been messing around with my Rasberry Pi and a box Lego that goes back to when we were kids. It has been kept in a  trunk for the the last oh longer than I care to remember and successive generations of kids both family and friends have played with it. 352 more words