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The one with taking yoga off the mat

So it’s been five days since I practiced yoga. And by yoga, I actually mean asana, the type of yoga that involves twisting our bodies into crazy poses and focusing on linking the breath to the body (it all does sound kinda weird to write it down like that). 414 more words

I stopped seeking

I was meditating and doing self-inquiry for hours a day, trying and trying to get lucid (awaken spiritually). After months of this I have given up. 616 more words


III:1-3 Arjuna's Angst

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter Three
“The Yoga of Action”
Verses 1 to 3

Arjuna is rattled at this apparent contradiction of Krishna’s and addresses him as Agitator of Men, and in the same breath tries to mend his own agitation with a compliment calling him Handsome Haired One! 808 more words


Eight Forms of Yoga

I don’t really see different styles of yoga – for me, yoga is yoga. Yes, I do normally find a system that suits my current stage in life and that system may change if and when required (if you read more about Sri T Krishnamacharya and his own evolving practice you will understand more). 351 more words

The Methods and Aims of the Yoga of Knowledge

The path of Knowledge starts from the discriminating higher intellect, the part of the being generally most closely identified as a truly human capacity, as opposed to the evolutionary stages of animals. 397 more words

Sri Aurobindo