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5 articles every non-fiction writer should read

I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I’ve been reading these days. I could lie and say it’s because I haven’t had time, but the truth is I’ve had more free time than I know what to do with. 666 more words

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“We live in a factory town, Zanesville, Illinois, the farm implement capital of the world. This means nothing to Felicia and me; we care only about our own neighborhood, everything between our two houses, a handful of potholed streets and alleys lined with two-story homes and one-car garages. 374 more words

essay canon dispatch no. 1 -- "The Fourth State of Matter" by Jo Ann Beard (90's)

“Well, if im gonna commit to a creative non-fiction writing program, i ought to read more of that stuff,” the blogger thought.

i figure there’s more to the alleged CNF canon than John McPhee, … 1,501 more words


Squirrels and Plasma

We recently had a class challenge, a makeshift debate, as to what element of the story “The Fourth State of Matter” by Jo Ann Beard was the “most important” in relation to the story overall and in its relationship to plasma. 3,796 more words

University of Iowa: 23 Years and 10 Days

“What would I do?”

Everyone, every single person ever, has thought this exact thought when thinking about shootings that we hear about, read about, or whathaveyou. 330 more words

“The Milky Way is a long smear on the sky, like something erased on a chalkboard.”

The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard

This One Time At Writers Camp

Great art is clear thinking about mixed feelings.
—WH Auden

During a recent Pacific Northwest heat wave, two hundred writers gathered nightly in a woodsy outdoor auditorium at Reed College to hear readings by some of the nation’s most prominent authors of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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