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The Butterfly

The Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zi once wrote about Cook Ting, a complete master at his craft of carving oxen. He carved with an almost careless dexterity, guiding his knife through the natural contours of the ox facing no resistance, never forcing his hand. 340 more words
Creative Non-Fiction

Chocolate, Fruit, and Empathy: The True Christmas Spirit

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOVIE HOUSE!!! I’m visiting my family and, this morning, my dad tried to order Beach Body supplements online so he can quote-get a bitchin’ beach body – unquote. 1,665 more words

Book List And Baked Good


Scene One takes place in the living room of my college apartment. I’m enrolled in my first creative writing workshop, Intro to Creative Nonfiction, and I’ve set up at the little table my roommate and I use as a kitchen table (even though it’s in the living room). 852 more words

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The Glass Inside

“I have wondered…
Why you cannot hear
All the glass inside your syllables
Slide off the table
Whenever your mouth
Opens and is then closed.” 853 more words
Creative Non-Fiction

Sitting the Month

In China, after giving birth, women must stay in bed for a full month. Typically, there are a number of rules that dictate this period of one month called zuo yue zi, or “sitting the month.” … 855 more words
Creative Non-Fiction

Those Who Can't Do, Teach

That’s the saying, right? I’m appropriating it for this blog not because I don’t think I can write. I can—or I think I can—at least people tell me I can and I write well enough to get into an MFA program, so I will go ahead and say I can. 623 more words



Chores were never a big part of my childhood. I often wished they were, and even asked my parents to assign me tasks. When I was eight or nine, I asked my parents if I could wash the dishes every night after dinner. 766 more words
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