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Bringing Murphy

We’ve all probably been there. The bags are all packed and loaded. You’re ready for the adventure and off you go! Then somewhere along the journey HE shows up. 647 more words

Jo Blake


I know; I know. This doesn’t seem like a very serious topic. But cookies are a very serious thing around our house. Dad is always… 307 more words

Jo Blake

Mad As A Hatter

If there is one fashion accessory I really love, it has to be hats – especially vintage hats. I enjoy discovering hats in antique stores and collecting the vintage styles that blend well with my wardrobe. 978 more words

Jo Blake

Why Don't The Children Read?

“I hate reading.” Oh how I cringe and weep inside when a child says those words! Where have they missed the bridge between ink on a page and the passport of the mind? 640 more words

Jo Blake

This Is Me. Who Are You?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how others would describe you? How they talk about you to those they know? Attractive. Intelligent. Kind. Weird. Reserved. Dangerous. 930 more words

Jo Blake

Singleness Awareness Day

“So what are you and your significant other doing for Valentine’s Day, dear?”

“I don’t have a significant other.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Did you just break up? 1,248 more words

Jo Blake