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Recommended Drama: It's okay, it's love!

This drama is out of the box drama. This drama is based on mental problems and many more things related to it. Like we all know that many people suffer from mental problems but how, to what extent,what happens to them when they are mentally ill, how do they behave and many more things that we don’t know is shown in this drama. 613 more words


[Memories] It’s Okay, That’s Love

If I had to recommend a series to someone who doesn’t know about Kdramas, this would definitely be the one. Among all the dramas I’ve watched, I’d say it’s the closest to a “western” series – it’s very modern and doesn’t have the typical Kdrama clichés that could be confusing for someone who watch them for a first time. 463 more words


Movie Review: 더킹 (The King)

Second movie in a day. Wow, that must be a first for me. I was inspired by one of my fave idols, Do Kyungsoo (who is also an actor), watching 5 movies in one day. 609 more words

Song Joong Ki dan Song Hye Gyo Bertemu Pertama Kali Melalui Jo In Sung?

Pada siaran 10 Juli dari Channel A yang berjudul “Heard It Through the Grapevine”, membahas tentang pernikahan Song Joong Ki dan Song Hye Gyo. 97 more words

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Movie Review: 5 Classic Scenes from The Classic (2003)

White tees and skinny jeans, Grimm’s fairy tales and Marvel comics, 80s disco beat and soul music—what do these things have in common? Yes, they are all classics. 902 more words

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seol hyun + jo in sung to star as siblings in period movie

Seol Hyun certainly cherry picks her movies. She was Lee Min Ho’s adopted younger sister in her debut film and now she has been cast as Jo In Sung’s younger sister in the upcoming historical blockbuster, Ansi Fortress. 17 more words


It's Okay, That's Love - Un romance adulto

It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014) es un drama que me hizo pensar en cuán comunes son los desórdenes mentales. En este drama parece que todos los personajes tienen que lidiar con algún problema mental de mayor o menor grado. 1,815 more words

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