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RED : Chapter 2

“Tolong tuntaskan khasus ini. Dan aku butuh data data dari korban ini.” ucap seseorang yang juga ingin melihat korban penembakan itu.

Sebelum masuk kedalam ruang ruang forensic, ia melihat Donghae dan Taeyeon masih terduduk dilantai. 4,832 more words


July Makes Me Drool

Look at all these fantastic people born in the wondrous month of July:

From Woobin to Changwook to LEE KWANG SOOOOOOOOOOOOO and so many others, July is hella bae. 9 more words

Day 20: Favorite WHAM moment

That epic scene in It’s Okay It’s Love where they reveal that the character of DO is just a hallucination. When Kangwoo ran away from the girl’s house to the highway, the camera shows both of them running crazily on the highway then the camera zoom in to Kangwoo then it shifted to Jae Yeol then it zoomed out and hollah! 75 more words


30 100s #8: Companion

 Thirty One Hundreds (30 Days strict!Drabble Challenge)

Prompt #8: Companion

w/ actor Jo Insung as Jang Jaeyeol  and EXO’s D.O as Han Kangwoo

from Korean drama series  247 more words


RED : Chapter 1

South Korea
30 December 1995 | 23 : 50

Kenapa kau berlari?

Siapa yang mengejar mu?

Berhenti! Tidak seharusnya kau berlari. 3,925 more words



Title : RED (PG 15)

Genre : Action, Romance, Friendship 273 more words



I tired to design and draw this differently but I honestly went into this without knowing how it was going to turn out. So in the end it didn’t really come out the greatest. 54 more words