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[CHAPTER, 1/?] Alone, Anxious, & Happiness

By youngGlow

Jo Youngmin – Yoon GiAh(OC) – No Minwoo – Jo Kwangmin | hurt /sad – tragedy – friendship – romance – family – songfic | 2000+ words | PG15… 2,385 more words

Jo Youngmin

Let's talk: Biases

The problem with biases is that you think you’ve got them sorted and them someone else will do something and next thing you know your list makes no sense and you’re crying in a corner somewhere. 222 more words


[Oneshoot] I Hate Children

A Fanfiction by otherwiseM

|| Jo Kwangmin and Jo Youngmin (Boyfriend), Lee Dongjae (OC) || Crime, Thriller, Brothership || PG-15 || Oneshoot ||

WARNING! FULL OF BLOOD… 2,142 more words


[Ficlet Series] Don't Look at Other Boys!

A Fanfcition by otherwiseM

|| Jo Kwangmin (Boyfriend) and You || Fluff || Ficlet || PG-13 ||

Ya, tidak boleh! 544 more words


[Ficlet] Stupid, Jo Kwang Min

A Fanfiction by otherwiseM

|| Jo Kwangmin (Boyfriend) and Lee Jieun (IU) || in the middle of Comedy and Sad /?, Romance || Ficlet (753 words) || PG-13 || 759 more words


[Oneshoot/Sequel] Could We Together? ... forever?

A Fanfiction by otherwiseM

|| Lee Ji Eun (IU), Jo Kwangmin (Boyfriend), and Shim Hyunseong (Boyfriend) || Romance, Angst, Family || Oneshoot (4741 words) || PG-13 || 4,743 more words


[Oneshoot] www.letsdeath.com

A Story by otherwiseM

|| Jo Kwangmin (Boyfriend), IU (Lee Ji Eun), Shim Hyunseong (Boyfriend) || Angst, Family || PG-13 || Oneshoot || 1,437 more words