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The End of the Tour (2015)

“I want precisely what he has already.”

In 2005, the late David Foster Wallace famously delivered the commencement speech for Kenyon College titled This Is Water.  892 more words


Flash Movie Review: Welcome to Me

When anyone describes their emotions as a roller coaster ride I believe them. Between friends and work I have seen some extreme actions from people. There was a friend of mine who suffered with bouts of depression from time to time. 419 more words


Welcome to Me (2015)

“Not everyone is an emotional exhibitionist.”

Writing about Welcome to Me, one of the most worthless and heartless movies I have ever seen, just flat-out pisses me off. 812 more words


Movie Review: Welcome to Me

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you have probably gleaned from my lack of a post yesterday that nothing came out to review. 521 more words

Movie Review


 Greetings again from the darkness. There is no shortage of films that feature some type of mental illness or disorder. Folks that don’t “fit in” make for characters that create unusual situations and generate cinema’s biggest friend – conflict.  407 more words


Kristen Wiig Goes Manic Depressive in The Manicly Depressing 'Welcome To Me'

“I found a pubic hair on my pillow in the shape of question mark.”


A woman with borderline personality disorder named Alice,  has a massive life changing event when she wins the lottery. 825 more words


Review: Sixteen Candles

John Hughes is one of the motivating elements of the 1980s that drove adolescence to the theatre, a man who finally understands the exaggerated angsts that run through a teenager’s mind, wrapping them around stories that resonates a warmth to a young spectator’s soul and leave a momentary feeling of hope that maybe their lives would be just as wonderful or as convenient as the stories we see come alive on screen. 610 more words