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the year of magical thinking | a book review

last year i made a belated new year’s resolution to talk more about the things i read instead of simply rating them out of five stars. 869 more words


READS OF THE YEAR 2016: Michael McGill

Joan Didion Salvador (Washington Square Press)

My Dad gave me a second-hand copy of this book a few years ago and it sat on my bookshelf getting dusty until earlier this year (the book that is, not my Dad). 450 more words


5 books I wish I'd read…during depression

When depression came for me, it came as a tsunami hitting a person in a deep valley in the middle of a land mass. Wholly unexpected. 1,360 more words

Of Mindfulness and Magic

I studied my forehead like I’d done almost every morning for the last year, observing closely just how much the scar between my eyebrows had faded, or if it had gotten worse, and then feeling a frustration rise up in my throat, a tightening of my neck muscles as I remembered the moment when I endured the injury that gave me the scar: cutting across a parking lot and walking headlong into a wire stretched so taut it was like walking into a brick archway. 1,947 more words


Chocolate, Fruit, and Empathy: The True Christmas Spirit

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOVIE HOUSE!!! I’m visiting my family and, this morning, my dad tried to order Beach Body supplements online so he can quote-get a bitchin’ beach body – unquote. 1,665 more words

Book List And Baked Good

Brian Edwards' Best Reads of 2016

My name is Brian Edwards, and I’m the Crown Professor in Middle East Studies and a professor of English and comparative literature at Northwestern. I am also the founding director of the… 883 more words

EPL's Best Books

Cover to Cover

AKA Books I’ve read in 2016

I set a goal to read more books in 2016 and happily, I managed to. I enjoyed memoirs by novelists (Amy Tan), novels by memoirists unrelated with the same surname (Cheryl Tan), and essays by realists about things seemingly unreal and all too real, like dreams – or nightmares – based on actual events (Joan Didion). 459 more words