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The Poop I'm Not Scooping

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Department Of How To Make Your Dentist Guffaw   [1]

Answering truthfully usually works for me. 2,467 more words

Family Life

Make a Splash! Career Advantages of Taking a Dump on Joan Didion

By Ross West

Is this thing on?

Okay, welcome, welcome everybody—nice to see such a good crowd. The subject of my talk today is Farrah Abraham. 1,215 more words

News And Events

Didion's Search for Meaning Opens a World of Wonder

By Patrick

The intersection between past and future, between meaning and chaos- all the lingering inertia that implies a sense of false permanence and comfort come together in the telling of Joan Didion’s masterwork, “The White Album,” a seminal essay that deals with the struggles, both visceral and cultural, that defined a generation of Americans, and gives voice to the uncertainty, the freedom, and the impossible thrust toward more progressive modernity. 625 more words

Patrick Hurley

Mystical flirtation and the decline of civilization

Civilizations do not crumble in a moment, an hour, or because of an event of one day. Like all decaying things it is a process, in this case driven by the gradual and cumulative effects of mankind’s compromise with the mystery of evil. 1,822 more words

Culture Matters

Short Spring Reads

There’s not a season that shouldn’t be spent reading. Nevertheless, there’s something in the Spring air- like an intangible quality, that makes reading in Spring somewhat more exceptional. 602 more words

Andrew Kaufman

Play It as It Lays

Joan Didion

Grade: A-

If a novel’s success (and the reviewer’s rating) comes from achieving what it set out to do, however modest, Play It as It Lays… 263 more words