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Reading Log: Joan Didion’s ‘Play it as it Lays’

Damn. This isn’t a very long book, but it really deserves you taking your time with it.

On the face of it, this seems like I book I would absolutely hate. 304 more words


Is W.B. Yeats's 'The Second Coming' the Most Pillaged Piece of Literature in the English Language?

 The Second Coming” may well be the most thoroughly pillaged piece of literature in English. (Perhaps Macbeth’s famous “sound and fury” monologue is a distant second.) Since Chinua Achebe cribbed Yeats’s lines for 

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It feels cruel that spring should finally arrive hand-in-hand with events that have felt like deaths. The ending of a friendship that is far more complex than just two people who once loved being together and can no longer harmoniously connect has left me grief-stricken – I feel like a piece of me has died. 225 more words

Rearview Mirror for 4/12/2015

Sunday: Easter Sunday. Chocolate bunnies were consumed.

Monday: Coco visited the orthodontist. Cherry sang in a choir concert. I drove the car.

Tuesday:  Joan Didion and I have the same opinion. 150 more words

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Friday Philosophy...Quotes by Women

Why quotes by women? Honestly, it was an arbitrary choice. I didn’t have a topic word, so I just picked a group at random. :) … 153 more words