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Rebecca (1940)

A bookish young woman enters a whirlwind romance with a debonair aristocrat but finds herself living in the shadow of his previous wife who died under mysterious circumstances. 148 more words


The Witches (1966)

The thing about older horror movies, especially those from as far back as fifty years ago, is that they rarely if ever hold up, and are mostly relegated to the realm of the camp, accidentally comical B-movies. 489 more words


The Favourite Sister: Jean Simmons as Barbara Leslie in Until they Sail

During the whole month of August, TCM has a special event called “Summer Under the Stars”: one day, one star. Movies starring this star are broadcast on the channel from the morning until the night. 1,855 more words



In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “It’s a tale of murder, mystery and intrigue, never needing to actually show any of the gruesome details.” 619 more words

The Women (1939)

  • I’ve been wanting to re-watch this for awhile; the first time I saw it I was probably 14 or 15, and the only actress I recognized was Rosalind Russell (because I’d seen HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940)).
  • 628 more words

Female Characters in Rebecca

Rebecca, which is Hitchcock’s first Hollywood film and was shown to the public in 1940, is called one of the most fabulous films of Hitchcock. The critics consensus on Rottentomatoes website says, “ 1,261 more words

Female Gothic