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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)

When the Earth is threatened by a burning Van Allen Radiation Belt, US Navy Admiral Harriman Nelson plans to shoot a nuclear missile at the Belt using his experimental atomic submarine, the Seaview. 78 more words

Rebecca -Alfred Hitchcock

A Paler Shade of Noir

I watched Hitchcock’s 1940 film, which I had seen before, close on the heels of re-reading du Maurier’s wonderful 1938 novel, and whilst the film is in many ways a brilliant adaptation particularly served by excellent performances, a tautly written screenplay which sensibly uses du Maurier’s dialogue, where this is given in the book itself, stunning cinematography and of course is excellently suited to the master of suspense’s vision, I do have some reservations at choices which substantially weaken the film, in comparison to du Maurier’s edgier, unsoftened version. 1,017 more words


Orson Welles at 100: JANE EYRE

Charlotte Brönte’s gothic 1847 novel about a penniless girl’s resolute journey through life stars Welles as the mysterious, brooding Edward Rochester, wealthy lord of Thornfield Hall who employs (and falls in love with) the titular heroine (Joan Fontaine). 105 more words

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A Poor Outing in Hitchcock's Suspicion (1941)

Having read Francis’ Iles brilliant book, Before the Fact (1932), I was interested to see how Hitchcock adapted it and conveniently it was released in this month’s chosen year for… 685 more words

In The Dock

Joan Fontaine's Multi-Million-Dollar Legacy of Kindness to Animals

Joan Fontaine’s talent and beauty are legendary. But her kindness and grace, like the lady herself, were in a quieter key. She would take the time write back to every fan and honor any request she could, making all she wrote to feel as if they alone had captured her attention. 153 more words

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Joan Fontaine, actress (1917-2013)

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William Perlberg, producer (1900-1968)
Curly Howard, comedian & actor (1903-1952)
Constance Bennett, actress (1904-1965)
Mitzi Green, actress (1920-1969) 10 more words

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