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Joanna Newsom - Divers

joanna newsom is unquestionably one of the most beautiful voices we have heard. we saw her for the first time at casa da música at porto, and the instant impression was a fragile figure on a stage with a huge white harp. 128 more words


I am consciously not trying to bring in World Music elements. The ways that I work and feel are completely different in how they sound than someone playing the Kora in Africa would play it. 7 more words

Joanna Newsom

Introducing Risa Rubin: An Exclusive Video Album

photo by Patrick Gookin

The laptop Risa Rubin uses to record her music currently sits in two pieces. Her harp is “literally the worst one you can buy.” Last year, while writing and recording her new record… 747 more words

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I can’t play my songs on the smaller harp. I have a Celtic harp. I can’t do the key changes. – Joanna Newsom http://ift.tt/28PNrzD

Joanna Newsom

14 Things I Learned About Joanna Newsom from Marc Maron's WTF Podcast


Marc Maron introduces his podcasts like a suddenly impassioned runaway train conductor who has a direction but then has to see what’s over there on the left and also what and why are trains… 797 more words


On vulnerability and coolness in the internet age

1. Vulnerability in the internet age is fundamentally a paradox.

1.1. By connotation, “vulnerability” is a state one seeks to avoid; yet vulnerability on the internet is nouveau cool, thus becoming a desired state of being. 190 more words


PT Anderson and Daniel-Day Lewis May Make a Moody, Disquieting Film About 1950s Fashion

There will be fashion.

Variety reports that Daniel Day-Lewis and PT Anderson may be re-teaming for the writer/director’s next film, though Anderson is allegedly still in the process of finishing the script, and is looking for actresses of “Eastern European descent” for supporting roles. 97 more words