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The Seasonal Joy of Joanna Newsom

Credit:  Annabel Mehran

There are some songs you’ll always associate with certain moments in your life. “Maria” by Blondie will always remind me of my Year 11 prom, yelling the chorus along with everyone else as a strange tribute to Maria, a woman who worked in the art department at our school. 1,099 more words


‘Svetlana sucks lemons across from me
And I am progressing abominably
And I do not know my own way to the sea
But the saltiest sea knows its own way to me’

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Surprise! Surprise!

I listen to music all the time and all I ever really want is to be surprised.

This week I’ve been listening to lots of Arthur Russell. 1,014 more words


What Clickbait News Stories Are We Reading?

–*Woman who was kidnapped at age 5 now has her own hostage.

–*You’ll never believe where we bought these chives.

–*You’ll never believe who just recently died. 296 more words

Donald Trump

I Hated To Close The Door On You

Loss is inevitable. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, one day, someone you love will die. I don’t mean to arouse any anxiety here, I’m just trying to be straightforward. 611 more words

Mental Health

You Can Now Stream Practically Every Single Drag City Album On Apple Music

We are quickly approaching a world where every single song ever recorded might be available through one of several different streaming platforms. Thought there still remain a few holdouts — I’m… 197 more words

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