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Reporting Crime

Reporting on criminal activity is one of the areas of journalism which carries the most potential risk for a journalist, broadcaster or publisher, because the law around what can and cannot be said is extremely strict, and there is little leniency for anyone who is found to break it; even inadvertently. 1,219 more words


Was The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies the best non-crime crime drama of the year?

I remember the Christmas of 2010. I was gripped by news reports of a 25-year-old woman living in Bristol had gone missing. It was a cold, white snowy festive period, and like many around the country, I feared for Joanne Yeates, all alone in the cold. 601 more words

British Crime Drama

Christopher Jefferies : Beware of Headlines

Wednesday/Thursday 10th/11th December 2014

Last night was the conclusion of The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies – a drama based on the true life murder of Joanna Yeates and the demonisation of her landlord, Christopher Jefferies, by the press. 509 more words


From witch hunt to drama series

From a ‘murderer’, to being exploited all over the press, to being the topic of a two-part drama series. Retired schoolteacher, Christopher Jefferies, was arrested four years ago after Joanna Yeates’s body was found on Christmas day. 647 more words