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Spark and Carousel - Goodreads Giveaway Now Running!

You can get your hands on a FREE paperback of Spark and Carousel in a special Goodreads Giveaway that runs from now until September 26th, to celebrate the release. 71 more words


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A great offer for anyone interested in fantasy reading, (you'll probably have to go to the original to use the widget mentioned).

Chopper On Tour: July Blog Round-Up

It’s been a busy old month – so much so that I even left the multi-talented Alex Davis in charge of affairs for a day while I was elsewhere. 169 more words

Malessar's Curse

Close to the Edit

Wow, it’s looking a bit old and dusty around here, isn’t it? Sorry about that – as you might imagine, with Heir To The North looming on the horizon like great Leviathan rising to the surface, my attention has somewhat inevitably been focused elsewhere.  562 more words


BristolCon Fringe - May 18th 2015 - Sophie E Tallis and Ben Galley

It’s nearly Fringe Time again, and on May 18th the BristolCon Fringe will be hosting Kristell Ink author Sophie E Tallis (White Mountain), and self-publishing whizz and… 100 more words


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The brilliant maestro herself, Joanne Hall, fantasy writer extraordinaire has organised this Bristol Fringe event which I'm thrilled to be involved in. Thanks Joanne! :D

The Clean Reader: ‘Bottom’ does not mean ‘penis’, and re-writing an author’s work is not okay.

Censorship as a concept is troublesome to me. Now, I support whole-heartedly warning viewers about the content of a book, TV show or movie which might make the content of said media unsuitable for younger viewers, or those who might get offended. 739 more words

Review of Kindle EBOOK Rider - Book 1 of The Art of Forgetting series by Joanne Hall

I’ve seen Joanne Hall around at various Fantasycons, but met her properly for the first time this year at Bristolcon. She is a lovely person with a keen sense of humour and a warm personality – which doesn’t necessarily mean that she can write… But when I sampled the book on Amazon, I immediately downloaded the rest of it, as I was hooked by the beginning. 509 more words

Book Review

Guest Writer: Jessica Rydill

Fantasy author and editor Jan Edwards has very kindly given me a guest slot on her blog:

Guest Writer: Jessica Rydill.

And not just me! 37 more words