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Should You Check a Job Applicant's Social Media Posts?

Employers are wondering whether browsing public social media sites to learn more about a job applicant is worth the potential risks. A CareerBuilder survey found that 39% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, but do the other 61% have good reasons to stay away?  533 more words

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Employers look at CVs for less than ten seconds

People who work for hours preparing their CV’s or who pay hundreds of pounds to have one written for them professionally will be surprised to learn that a prospective employer can’t be bothered to spend ten seconds reading a job applicant’s CV when it lands on his or her desk. 77 more words


JOB SEEKER BEWARE; you could easily be victimized by internet scams

It wasn’t that long ago job seekers would fill out a paper application at a perspective place of employment. Today this is rarely the case; the internet has become an important and effective tool for those looking for work. 736 more words

Not a good fit | A story about rejection

I look at resumes. A lot.

It’s a time-consuming and boring process but it has to be done if I am to keep my clients happy. 971 more words


The Background Check You Don’t Know About

Everyone prepares as best as they can for a job interview: professional clothes, practicing answers to the typical questions, and asking past employers for references. But there is a process more and more employers are adopting that you may be unprepared for. 798 more words


10 Resume Writing + Job Application Tips for the Construction Industry

As a recruiter in the Western Canadian construction industry, I can sometimes receive hundreds of resumes in a month during our busy season. Some applicants can be of a younger generation, somewhat tech-savvy when it comes to typing up a document and e-mailing it. 1,306 more words


Recruitment and rehabilitation

This last week has seen a number of press stories regarding the issue of whether it would be right or wrong for a certain football club to re-employ one of their players who has now been released from prison. 750 more words