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A few words about your resume

 If you read the most recent blog, you’ll know that I moved recently to the Biology Department at UT Arlington. As part of the process of setting up the lab at UTA, I’m reviewing applications for various positions in the department and in my lab. 946 more words

Job Applicants

10 overly 'creative' ways to apply for a job

“Job seekers know they’re competing with a lot of other candidates,” observes Rosemary Haefner, chief of human resources at CareerBuilder. “So they’re trying more unusual tactics to stand out from the crowd.” 298 more words


Social Accountability

How can managers and human resource professionals call themselves leaders and effective listeners when job applicants are trained to wear a mouth guard. The muffling effect they love; the applicant’s reality they reject. 11 more words

The devil is in the details

It’s Monday. I’m having a bad hair day, I left the house this morning without putting my wedding ring back on (had taken it off to clean some pans), we had a new employee start this morning and I do all the HR, I lost a button off my blouse, I was still working on my first cup of coffee at 11 am, and we had a phone provider switch-over at 5 pm that didn’t go as planned and for which I am the… 208 more words

Random Thoughts


…those who work and those who look for work.

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Should You Check a Job Applicant's Social Media Posts?

Employers are wondering whether browsing public social media sites to learn more about a job applicant is worth the potential risks. A CareerBuilder survey found that 39% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, but do the other 61% have good reasons to stay away?  533 more words

Legal Topics

JOB SEEKER BEWARE; you could easily be victimized by internet scams

It wasn’t that long ago job seekers would fill out a paper application at a perspective place of employment. Today this is rarely the case; the internet has become an important and effective tool for those looking for work. 736 more words