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Social Accountability

How can managers and human resource professionals call themselves leaders and effective listeners when job applicants are trained to wear a mouth guard. The muffling effect they love; the applicant’s reality they reject. 11 more words

The devil is in the details

It’s Monday. I’m having a bad hair day, I left the house this morning without putting my wedding ring back on (had taken it off to clean some pans), we had a new employee start this morning and I do all the HR, I lost a button off my blouse, I was still working on my first cup of coffee at 11 am, and we had a phone provider switch-over at 5 pm that didn’t go as planned and for which I am the… 208 more words

Random Thoughts


…those who work and those who look for work.

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Should You Check a Job Applicant's Social Media Posts?

Employers are wondering whether browsing public social media sites to learn more about a job applicant is worth the potential risks. A CareerBuilder survey found that 39% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, but do the other 61% have good reasons to stay away?  533 more words

Legal Topics

JOB SEEKER BEWARE; you could easily be victimized by internet scams

It wasn’t that long ago job seekers would fill out a paper application at a perspective place of employment. Today this is rarely the case; the internet has become an important and effective tool for those looking for work. 736 more words

Not a good fit | A story about rejection

I look at resumes. A lot.

It’s a time-consuming and boring process but it has to be done if I am to keep my clients happy. 970 more words

The Background Check You Don’t Know About

Everyone prepares as best as they can for a job interview: professional clothes, practicing answers to the typical questions, and asking past employers for references. But there is a process more and more employers are adopting that you may be unprepared for. 798 more words