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Mexico is not just “taking jobs” from the US. It’s also adding them

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump repeatedly lamented the loss of jobs to Mexico during his facedown with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Sept. 26.

Putting aside the fact that some of his claims were untrue—the social media folks at Ford had to jump in on Twitter mid-debate to… 281 more words

Presidential debate stirs up heated response on social media over job creation ideas

The Internet’s abuzz today with social media reactions to last night’s first presidential debate. The event spurred the “most tweeted debate ever” for Twitter according to spokesman Nick Pacilio.   127 more words

EPI Data Library On State Of Working America

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) has just published an on-line data library on “The State of Working America.”  Lots of good information and easy to use. 175 more words

Job Creation

Where have the jobs really gone? Where indeed.........

The jobs are out there; good paying jobs, as technicians; programmers, code developers, in all industries.  Rather than feed the fear that foreigners are taking our jobs away, we should address the real issue; our world is changing, many of the jobs that existed 20 years ago are now being done by machines; and we cannot look to the past to fix it. 374 more words

AP-GfK poll shows people trust Clinton more on most issues

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans are more likely to trust Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump to handle a variety of issues facing the country, even when it comes to national security topics that have been a major focus of his campaign, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. 674 more words


NB Premier Gallant 'proud of accomplishments' at mandate's midpoint

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant calls the investments his government has made in education and infrastructure some of the highlights of his time in office as he nears the midpoint of his mandate. 292 more words