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First, you don't actually have to create any jobs, you just have to make people think you're going to create them. I am sure you're familiar with the concept.

I know that you’ve been telling your constituents that you’re going to create a lot of jobs, so I want to give you some advice. First, you don’t actually have to create any jobs, you just have to make people think you’re going to create them. 21 more words

Transitioning to Clean Energy Would Create More Jobs than Fossil Fuels

An interview from The Real News Network with Heidi Garrett-Peltier on why more and better jobs will come from transitioning NOW to clean energy

“when we look at the economy as a whole, the transition to clean energy creates many more jobs in renewable energy industries and energy efficiency industries and all of the supply chain that goes into those industries. 415 more words


Germany: Businesses and refugees come together

One thousand companies are already involved in refugee initiatives.

Air conditioning and ventilation technology is a sensitive matter. If anything goes wrong during the installation of large cooling systems people could be seriously injured – specifically, by leaking gas. 279 more words


“Padded” N-Power Shortlist: A Post-Mortem

By: Jaafar Jaafar

“the Federal Government, this time, was in a hurry to beat the deadline, make good its promises and avoid the severe censure its serial failures draw. 806 more words

Sean Cannon Aims to Create New Jobs with Life Creative

If you are in the Chicago event scene, you’re no stranger to Lional Rivero & Sean Cannon’s company  Event Creative  with their expansive spaces – Venue One Chicago and Venue One North Shore (formerly the Bulls practice stadium).   841 more words


The Zombies are Coming! Again!

There are certain ‘zombie’ ideas that, no matter how many times you put them down, keep shuffling back to wreak havoc.  One of them is ‘let’s reduce the size of by, um – oh!  491 more words

Donald Trump

Now as PM, then as CM of Gujarat: Modi’s long political career of broken promises

From the days he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat to the present when he is the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, it seems, has made it his habit to make high-decibel promises to grab headlines, sail through in elections and then to unceremoniously forget about them till the next election. 799 more words

Narendra Modi