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Seven simple steps to wealth. Agribusiness 

Creating your own business and breaking from unemployment in Kenya is every youths dream.

Unemployment is one of the thorns hurting the economy. The irony is that most Kenyan youths go around looking for jobs, not realizing that the best way to eliminate unemployment is through creating jobs. 485 more words


Amazon investment, jobs will contribute to vibrant Salem community

When I share with people I work for Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR), the majority of the time I am politely asked what we do. 39 more words

Guest Opinion

Ikea Canada to open full-sized store in London in 2019

London will be home to Ikea’s 15th full-sized store in Canada.

The iconic Swedish big-box retailer announced Thursday morning a full-sized store will open in London in 2019. 483 more words


Zuma, Gigaba & Zwane contribute to SA’s slippage on WEF’s Competitiveness Index… in "favouritism in public decisions" SA ranks amongst the worst

Were it not for the relative good performance of South Africa’s private sector, the slippage by 14 places on the WEF’s World Competitiveness Index would have been much much worse. 939 more words

Boost Mindanao economy to make PH growth more inclusive: WB

Boost Mindanao economy to make PH growth more inclusive: WB

By Leslie Gatpolintan  

MANILA (Philippines News Agency)  — The World Bank (WB) is urging the Philippines to adopt a strategy on Mindanao to support sustainable peace and development and job creation, which are deemed crucial in pursuing sustained overall economic growth in the long term. 453 more words


The Bipartisan Militarization Of The US Federal Budget

The media likes to frame the limits of political struggle as between the Democratic and Republican parties, as if each side upholds a radically different political vision. 1,366 more words


“Give me Your Tired, Your Poor" -- Lady Liberty Knows Best

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. 2,070 more words