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Saskatchewan to pick up $3 million tab for Skip The Dishes job training

REGINA – Skip The Dishes serves up delivery drivers that connect restaurants with customers. Starting soon they’ll also be offering a new menu item; job training. 498 more words


What the Candidates Aren’t Saying About Jobs (But Should Be)

It’s presidential election season, so it’s obligatory for all candidates to talk about jobs. You have already heard a lot about jobs being lost to China and Mexico (a strong concern of Donald Trump), jobs being outsourced to low-wage countries or moved to tax havens (so-called “tax inversions” are a Hillary Clinton bugaboo), or jobs eliminated because of Obamacare or high minimum wages (a favorite Ted Cruz line). 1,068 more words


Do you know that the Agricultural sector can employ the 40 million unemployed Nigerian youths?

Good evening, my people, my people! How’s your weekend going over there? I am glad to be here with you this evening on “The Business in You” Daily tonic. 360 more words

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The Impact of the Reagan and Bush Tax Cuts: Not a Boost to Employment, nor to Growth, nor to the Fiscal Accounts

A.  Introduction

The belief that tax cuts will spur growth and new jobs, and indeed even lead to an improvement in the fiscal accounts, remains a firm part of Republican dogma.   2,023 more words

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Multimedia Reporting (JOU6114.791S16): Final Case Study

I selected “San Francisco’s Class War, By the Numbers” from The Nib. The Nib is a collection of political cartoons, comics journalism and non-fiction material. It’s my first time exploring this site. 1,243 more words


John Tory makes an announcement on social housing

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Ted McMeekin and Environment Minister Glen Murray are joined by Toronto Mayor John Tory to make an announcement about social housing, climate change and job creation.