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Avoiding Cinderella Syndrome: Why Every Job Doesn’t Have to be a ‘Perfect’ Fit | INALJ

May 19, 2015

by Krystal Corbray, Managing Librarian with Yakima Valley Libraries in Washington State
previously published 7/15/14


Once you’ve been job hunting for a while, things can get a bit…intense. 257 more words

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The Truths About Your First Job Out of College (Part 2)

We started with Part 1 a bit go. Let’s continue our discussion with 5 more tips.

  1. You have to actually request time off and call in when you’re sick.
  2. 472 more words
Job Experience

Who Makes Your Drink at Starbucks?

Cindy Contreras is the woman who has been blending frappuccinos and brewing fresh coffee at Starbucks for a little over a year. She just received her master’s degree in primary education and will soon be leaving her close friends and Starbucks family to pursue her career. 26 more words


5 things I learned from my first full time job

First posted on my LinkedIn Account

What can you call a person who writes eBooks, literature, copies, SEO content, blog posts, print articles, web content, newsletters, non-fiction, does logo design, corporate branding, layout eBooks, offer sewing and crafting services via BPO, buy and sell goodies from the US and China, and run errands? 620 more words


What I learned from interviewing at a startup and the importance of purpose

Not too long ago, I was invited to interview with a growing, multi-million-dollar tech startup for a highly coveted design position. As a design professional coming from the corporate CPG world (consumer packaged goods) and consumer foods, this was truly unfamiliar territory that only mildly intrigued me. 1,204 more words

A degree is nothing without the experience

The idea for going to school to get my Master’s in Library and Information Science started when I was working as a Page for the library. 444 more words

Job Experience

The Truths About Your First Job Out of College (Part 1)

Congratulations on landing your first job! You studied hard in school. Made the grades. Networked your little heart out. Applied to many jobs and had several interviews… and now you landed your first job! 456 more words

Job Experience