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5 Tips To Make Your College Resume Stand Out

You know you’re a great catch for any school, but how can you let schools know? Putting together a killer college resume is an important step to making all the hard work you’ve done in and out of the classroom pay off when being considered by college admissions officers. 622 more words

College And Career Planning

These Four Websites Will Help You Find the Perfect Internship

Melting snow and warm weather ignites spring fever in students envisioning vacations and time off from school. The change of seasons also serve as a reminder that summer is around the corner, bringing with it a chance for students to gain valuable work experience through internships and other programs that broaden both resumes and education. 346 more words

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How Do I Get A Job When I Don’t Have Much Experience?

In a world where everyone seems to be chasing their preferred career, those who lack experience might find it difficult to get to the finish line. 338 more words

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What I learned from my first job

I worked at my Dads company for a couple of months after graduating college, but it was no big deal, I was just helping out the accountant because they were behind with their filing. 1,321 more words

What Employers Mean by Equivalent Experience

What Employers Mean by Equivalent Experience 
By Alison Doyle, Job Searching Expert

When an employer mentions equivalent experience in a job posting it can mean either experience in lieu of some educational requirements or non-paid experience, like an internship or volunteer work, in place of paid work experience. 390 more words

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MYTH: We will always be able to remain fully employed as a nation and it is desirable to do so.

TRUTH: We need massive underemployment to get rid of trivial unnecessary jobs in the economy and make it more efficient in the future by offering free education in a technical field as a realistic hope of future employment to those unemployed and destitute who have a desire to put in the effort and who have the ability and who will try to achieve a greater level of quality education. 804 more words

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As The Page Turns

It is an overcast snowy day as I prepare for the first day at a new job. I barely slept a wink as the excitement boiled inside of me. 351 more words