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Still not gone on the new job (job mismatch)

I’ve been told I am doing my new job very well.

You can do many things very well – but you have to go do something which makes you happy. 834 more words


Difficulties in Training My Replacement

As I move into my official job title – I can’t help but feel annoyed I haven’t been able to do the handover training properly. I also feel like due to outside influences, now as handover day looms, I’ve done my best and from herein it won’t be my problem.  480 more words


I Enjoy a Busy Monday!

A lot of my work in Monday/beginning-of-the-week-centric;  things usually go a lot quicker for me.

I find Wednesdays and Thursdays a bit hard – most people often go away for lunch or some wellness course (some people like running or bicycling).  878 more words

Personal Development

Mountains To Sound Greenway

This weekend I volunteered with Mountains to Sound Greenway and had a great time. I would suggest it to anyone who has free time on the weekend and wants to work out doors. 290 more words

Job Experience

Seattle Science Center

It is possible through this volunteer program to get the opportunity to volunteer in the famous butterfly room. There are mostly long term volunteer opportunities here at the Science Center which include being an “ambassador” or hosting, helping set up events or doing something that sounds really cool for creative minded people called Tinker Tank. 148 more words

Job Experience

Seattle Art Museum

Wouldn’t it be awesome to work in an art museum? I always thought it would be. It would be great experience in customer service and hosting. 662 more words

Job Experience