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I think I’ve had somewhat of an epiphany regarding the workplace. I have found since giving less of a shit about the workplace – other than doing the work I get paid for is somewhat helping me. 251 more words

Personal Development

The Internship Experience


Today I’m going to talk about internship and as we go on I’m going to give an account of my experience as an intern and some information about the organization I intern with. 1,145 more words


The Faustian Bargain

Faustian bargain ‎(plural Faustian bargains)

(idiomatic) An agreement in which a person abandons his or her spiritual values or moral principles in order to obtain wealth or other benefits.

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The Five Big Mistakes That Will Sink Your Internship This Summer

J. Maureen Henderson

I have no qualms about saying that, for a host of reasons, I’m not a fan of internships and the emphasis we place on them as the best (and increasingly only) path to that elusive post-college entry-level white collar job. 236 more words

Mentoring & Leadership Building

Bummed out about after the long weekend...

It’s a long weekend and I am pretty exhausted from work.  

There also won’t be another public holiday or long weekend for a long long long time *jealous*. 401 more words


What my resume should REALLY say (cont.)

This blog continues from the original post.

In-home caregiver, age 21-23. This was one of my favorite jobs. It was rewarding, and, for the most part, not too stressful. 802 more words