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Researching Career Data Can Help Students Plan Academically

Spring brings a time of big decisions, both for high school students looking to decide on which college to attend (College Decision Day is May 1) and those college students who are about to enter the job market armed with a degree. 233 more words

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Checklist: Your First Day on the Job

Congratulations on landing the job! What a huge stress off your shoulders. Now you have to figure out how everything works. Although you may get a quick tour around the office and you know where your desk is, sometimes the little things get overlooked and 2 months down the line you may feel like a fool asking for the number to IT. 275 more words

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Work While In College

HOORAY! First and foremost, thank you so much for stopping by my site. I am beyond excited to finally launch my resume creation and career development business & blog. 680 more words

Job Experience

Definition: Entry-Level (A Quasi-Letter to the Film Industry)

Since the definition of the term “entry-level” seems to have escaped most employers, I feel the need to make a PSA about what the term means. 887 more words


5 Tips To Make Your College Resume Stand Out

You know you’re a great catch for any school, but how can you let schools know? Putting together a killer college resume is an important step to making all the hard work you’ve done in and out of the classroom pay off when being considered by college admissions officers. 622 more words

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These Four Websites Will Help You Find the Perfect Internship

Melting snow and warm weather ignites spring fever in students envisioning vacations and time off from school. The change of seasons also serve as a reminder that summer is around the corner, bringing with it a chance for students to gain valuable work experience through internships and other programs that broaden both resumes and education. 346 more words

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ServingSamantha Goins

By Samantha Goins

There are thousands of server occupations. Every place has different routines, procedures, and requirements. Some places have longer hours, and some have more business. 286 more words

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