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Things I've Noticed in My New Workplace

I’ve been in my new job for a short while and I’ve decided to come up with a list of things I’ve noticed and things that are different from my former workplace… 879 more words

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New Year New Job!

I am a strong believer in juju/karma/what you do to others will come back to you.

My 2016 was a weird rollercoaster year (the beginning and the last few months were… 629 more words

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Another Week At the New Job...

So I have been doing the job in the second week now – it’s noticeable people aren’t as interested or overly friendly compared to the first week… 1,180 more words

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First Week of New Job

Here are my unfiltered thoughts for the first week!


There were some pretty evident pros and cons with this job:

First pro was making money and doing a job with a better pay and title. 967 more words

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New Job Nerves

So this is a pre-new job blog! I’m going to blog about some thoughts for the big day – and I get stressed out when the countdown begins! 708 more words

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Elle has a JOB!

*Woop woop*

So there is good and bad news:

Good News: I am employed, it is a job which is paying more and a step up from what I was doing in the past (yay) – so it will look great on my resume…. 66 more words



Thinking about volunteering? There are many reasons to become a volunteer, whether you are a job seeker looking to gain valuable experience, skills and build networks, or you simply wanting to give back to your community; volunteering could be your opportunity to involve yourself in something that is challenging, motivating and rewarding. 495 more words