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Good Luck

It feels like it’s been a long time coming but finally we’ve had a King Midas moment.  We arrived in Gold Coast about a week ago and since then the decision has been made to settle for a few months, save some money and enjoy what this city has to offer.  487 more words


Jobs and Rejection


It seems our younger years are spent preparing us for the inevitable day when we start working. Some of us get lucky and find a career and a passion and enjoy what we do while others simply push through the work day and exist on the life they have outside of work. 1,170 more words


Can you?

When I hear those words the mind takes off like a cry for action. Checking in with the emotional desk (yes people, emotions are part of everything), plan A moves into play.  37 more words


back in the business

i wrote a while ago about returning to the theater business only for the unfinished business. well not sure about that anymore although to be honest having a second job that just for the whatever is a bit fun. 373 more words

job hunting nz style

Less than two years ago I was in an uncertain place. We left our secured life in the Philippines in exchange for a more peaceful life in New Zealand. 741 more words

Life In New Zealand

Life After College: Choosing a Job

College graduation is a coveted experience every student yearns for…until the day actually comes.

Once senior year kicks in, there’s a flurry of mixed emotions- exhaustion from all the school work, senioritis, and worry to find the right job that will pay off student debt. 745 more words


Well this is new.. A psych test as part of the initial application. The best part is following this if they like my results is more testing, another digital interview and then finally the chance for a face to face interview. 33 more words