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Career Creep

The other day, browsing through LinkedIn, I came upon the profile of a person who called himself a career coach. His day job was the same as mine, but in his spare time he, claimed, he helped others tune up their LinkedIn profiles so well that hiring managers would be calling, without them even applying for a job. 562 more words


6/26: Angry, tired Dragon

(I’m mostly venting… so if you don’t want to read my venting, it’s okay. I started this on FB, but it was getting long. ) 686 more words


Can You Start Again In A Brand New Industry?

When you’re in your twenties, fresh out of uni, your doors are limitless. You’re young, you likely have few responsibilities for anyone other than yourself, and there’s time to make plenty of mistakes and change your career path if necessary. 586 more words

Job Hunting

The short answer to the title of this entry is “Not just no, but heck no!” However, I encountered a differing few in the comment threads on LinkedIn and felt the need to respond at greater length without clogging the comment thread.

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Technical Writing

A short update... or somewhat

Since my last post I have had so many interviews that my confidence has rocked sky high… however none have been successful; It’s starting to feel like false hope. 257 more words

Your LinkedIn Summary

By Jerry Lambert

Hello, and welcome back to The Brown Parachute Club.  I hope you enjoyed last week’s post Back to School.  It still cracks me up that my neighborhood Big Lots has the “Back to School” supplies out already!  872 more words


6/23: Recovering from Humans (Dragon)

I had a long day yesterday. Without going into all the explicit details, let’s just say I should have been on valium the whole day. I had a TR gig, then dragged a couple of boxes to storage (got them from the gig). 283 more words