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And Then There Were Two...

Alex said it was the fight of the month. I guess that fits pretty well. 342 more words


6 things we hate about job hunting

If you’ve ever experienced the pleasures of being unemployed I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m trying to convey here. I was jobless for 4 months and it was frustrating as hell. 640 more words

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How to Pursue the Career You Want

Generally, the questions I’ve heard over the years fall into a couple of categories:

  1. I want to get a job doing X/in Y industry. What do I need to do/learn/know to get there?
  2. 1,230 more words

What is your advice for job-hunting journalists?

I will be leading a webinar Wednesday (1 Eastern time) for the Society of Professional Journalists on job-hunting for journalists (but non-journos are welcome, too): 1,027 more words

Career Advice

"Solo Madrelingua, solo Madrelingua..." // The "Only Native Speakers" Dogma

Penso all’Inglese parlato da Putin (lo parla, poi?), dai leader Cinesi, dalla Merkel. Penso a quello che parlava Nelson Mandela, uomo che ha contribuito a cambiare il mondo. 1,362 more words


Who says you can't go home? Part II

I have one cat in a cardboard box and another sat on my P45; it is really happening!  As alluded to in Part I, I am relocating out of London back home to the Midlands to start a new job as a lecturer. 436 more words


The best rejection ever

The worst rejection I ever had went something along the lines of this: “Sorry, I’m so sorry, you were really, really good but you’re unsuccessful today” 738 more words

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