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"One day, you will get your dream job"

It was nearly midnight when I was re-tidying my resume. You know, I have been always seeking for a reliable answer for all those little questions that used to pop up in my mind. 458 more words


Musings While Sending Out Job Applications

Original Post Date: 6/25/14

Notes: I have nothing to add. This all remains true. And yes, I do still search for job listings at SHIELD sometimes. 446 more words


Have all the good jobs gone already?

So, you’re in your final year. You haven’t got a job lined up yet.  Have you blown any chance of getting a decent job sorted before you graduate? 716 more words


What I've learnt from job hunting

It turns out that reading endless job descriptions for roles in the sectors I’m interested in can actually make you feel pretty useless.

The seemingly never ending job search

Oh the joys of looking for a job. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way, but it is my least favourite thing to do EVER. 152 more words

Day-to-day Life

Dirty so-called "privacy policy"

While looking around for positions to apply for, I ran across a certain semi-local company that had a position open I was interested in. Many companies have privacy policies you have to agree to in order to use their applicant tracking software (“HR software”, if you will). 146 more words

Job Hunting

Time for Thanks

It’s a little funny that this post comes with Thanksgiving. It’s more of a reflection of the past few weeks and what I have been dealing with, which happens to do with being thankful for what I have. 505 more words