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My 5 Interview Tips

Hi all! Happy Tuesday!

I’m still trying to figure out a blogging schedule that works for me so sorry for the random postings!

Since I’ve recently graduated college the one goal in my mind is to get a job! 621 more words


Coding Dojo - Week 1

Trying to figure out what to do after my Codecademy course was proving very challenging.  I knew that I could continue the courses there, I could try to see what I could learn from videos on YouTube, or I could read any number of books that are available that might help me move down the path toward my ultimate goal: becoming a web developer. 664 more words

Coding Dojo

Getting Back Up Again

I’m sure you can already tell what happened if you read the title and look at my calendar countdown. Here’s what happened and why (and how) I’m getting back up. 781 more words


180 Days: Day 157--Transferable Skills, the Action Verbs for Job Hunting

My seniors, being on the back side of their AP exams, are now working on a job search unit where we spend time learning how to research potential employers, how to apply for positions, how to write resumes, how to dress for and answer common questions in job interviews, and how to follow up on the interviews. 319 more words

7 Things To Know When You Write Your First Cover Letter!

One of the challenging realities in the job hunting world is that in ALL job openings- there is unquestionable, a competition. The case in all scenario– more than one person is qualified for the job. 753 more words


Great Advice For Becoming An Accountant

If you have a good head for figures, and you are keen to turn that into a career, then you will naturally be thinking about accountancy at some point in your considerations. 471 more words

Job Hunting

Job Hunting

Let’s be honest here: job hunting sucks.

I actually read a career change book recently that specifically said that changing career and hunting for something new should be fun. 808 more words

Career Change