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Everybody lies. That’s for sure.
I read a contribution of Liz Ryan where she was writing about lies which you hear in a job interview. She didn’t write about all lies, but just a few of them. 556 more words

Job Interview

The Interview (Day 19)

**Today’s challenge was to write about your day in the voice of your favorite author. It turned into a long piece but I had a… 1,071 more words



So pissed off because I thought I had this amazing opportunity for a job and turns out it was for some network marketing type company… I’m telling you from the moment I arrived and looked around the whole feel of everything was off… it didn’t feel like a job or a job interview… 237 more words


11 things to do the night before an interview

The night before an interview can be a stressful time — usually one filled with “what if’s?”

What if I don’t know the answer to a question? 1,029 more words


Circular reference

Understanding the “parchi” method. Ever since I have started my professional career, I have noticed the overwhelming trend of recruiting through “parchi” also commonly referred to as “Reference/ Source”. 142 more words


5 Tips for the College Graduate About to Enter the Real World

My Insta and FB newsfeeds have been filled with images of caps and gowns and degrees and “I did it!” mantras. Congratulations class of 2017, you did it! 847 more words


Example Text of Dialog job Interview


Interviewer : Ma’watul Hasanah as head of human resource department in Goebam’s International Company

Interviewee: Azyrah Nursyahbany graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang. 618 more words

Job Interview