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10 Steps to Get a Job!


  1. Write 5-10 gratefulness statements the day of the interview.
  2. Wear something to stand out a little bit at interview—a tie that’s a bit wilder.
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Job Seekers

How do I love me? Let me count the ways, and also ace that interview

Narcissism, a trait considered obnoxious in most circumstances, actually pays off big-time in the short-term context of a job interview, according to a new study. 16 more words

Uniquely Narcissistic

Nail your job interview with these expert tips

A job interview is the one thing standing between you and the career of your dreams, or at the very least a paid role that allows you to manage your bills and keep a roof over your head. 1,272 more words


Sorry for the absence. I haven’t felt like writing. I keep opening up a new page to start blogging, and looking for a new quote and I just can’t pick so I give up and don’t write at all. 1,303 more words

It's... complicated

In the last two years I have applied for two jobs—only two. Obviously, I have not been hitting the pavement searching for employment. Nor have I found myself thinking, “I should look for a different job,” while on my way home from my current job. 880 more words

Job hunting could be most challenging but ultimately a worth rewarding experience as well. It’s a vast jungle out there for people looking for opportunities and where the competition is getting more intense each time. 1,529 more words

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Job Interview Preparations

Job Interview is the most complicated part before to be employ for a job and capture the interest of the employer, but in order to avoid this kind of situation here are some few preparation you must do to attend a Job Interview. 262 more words

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