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Blue Moon Majik

So, today I interviewed for what will very possibly be my new job, with a promotion attached and a new staff and a new state agency and the whole shebang.  162 more words

My Fabulous Life

The Job Hunt

Call me a dreamer (I’m not the only one), but I always thought that once I got that degree, the one that I was slaving for the last 8 years, it would be a cake walk to find the perfect job for me. 162 more words

Job Interviews

"Jeeves" For the Modern Dandy.

The other day at a job interview I was called a “Dapper Dandy” by one of the interviewers. Now the fact that she actually said this to me after I walked in the room, was pretty questionable, and considerably unprofessional, but the fact is I was dressed up for a hot summer day. 273 more words

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5 Interview Tips to Help you get the Job

Okay, okay. You’ve probably heard them all before. There are lots of interview tips out there. What makes us different?

Well, we’ve looked through those tips. 319 more words

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Name: Marie S.
Former occupation: Landscaper
New occupation: Environmental planner
Primary strategy: Strategic education Secondary strategy: Transfer of skills from landscaping to environmental issues Length of time from career decision to a paid position: Four weeks Cost (if any) of transition: $450… 657 more words

How To Handle Resume Gaps When Facing Job Interview | TheGongzuo

Each company has its own hiring policy where one may be perfectly alright about explained gaps in a candidate’s resume, while the other may immediately raise a red flag. 8 more words

Career Advice

Give Yourself a Little Credit - Let Your Resume Highlight Your Accomplishments

Most people don’t think of a resume as a marketing product, but that’s what it really is. Think about this for just a moment – before you get an interview at a company, before you get an invitation to meet anybody at that company, the very first thing you’re asked to do is to present a resume. 504 more words