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The Interview

I wasn’t completely sure if I’d go for the job but I did and now I’ve got an interview. I should be happy. Why can’t I just be happy? 502 more words


When will equal work = equal pay?

No matter what women have on their resume or how well they do in a job interview, chances are they won’t get paid the same as their male counterparts when they get the job. 531 more words

Laine Jaremey

How to ace a Skype interview

Preparing for face-to-face job interviews can be nerve wracking. You’re usually deciding what to wear, what to say, and thinking about how you’ll impress the interview panel. 869 more words


What not to say in an interview

“Good luck with the bumble bee”

This is a time of year that, in my student days, was filled with a dizzying combination of relief, celebration, joy, hope, nerves, dread and anticipation.

853 more words

Job Hunting Toolkit

Before cranking out resumes like you’re the human version of a t-shirt cannon, know (and accept) that job hunting takes time, patience, time, networking, time, research, time. 1,171 more words

Career Change

Finding A Job Is Hard, But Don't Fake Your Interview

I’m tired of holding on, so I’m letting go.

Two days ago I went for this interview. I thought I’d like the job and the interview went well. 861 more words


So Much For A Road Trip (Past 2)

Hightailed it back to GP. Stopped in Hinton since driving almost 1000 km in 12 hours wears on a person when the average speed was 120 km an hour most of the way. 173 more words