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Dealing with Job Application Rejections - PGP Australia

Dealing with rejection is never easy, especially when you’ve been sending out application after application after application to no avail, it’s easy to feel defeated and disheartened – we’re only human after all! 351 more words


Finally a PA school graduate, now what!?: How to ACE a PA job interview!

The interview is likely the most critical step your prospective employer will have to assess your abilities and suitability for a job. Your cover letter and résumé has already gotten your foot in the door, so your goal in the interview is to “argue” that you are the ideal candidate for this job, while you assess, more importantly, whether this is the best job for you. 1,153 more words

Physician Assistant

Insider Tips To ACE Your PA School Interview!

The interview is the final step programs have to assess your readiness and suitability for PA school. Your application has already gotten you to this point, so your goal in the interview is to portray the true and honest (professional) version of yourself, all the while making the “argument” that you are not only ready for PA school, and are the right type of person to become a PA, but that being a PA is a unique job that you are uniquely qualified for. 1,121 more words


The Job Interview and Showing Personality

There are some fashion gurus and civilians who say that when you’re going on a job interview, you need to dress very conservative and subtle with minimal accessories. 615 more words

Kiat Menghadapi Wawancara Kerja

Saat mendengar kata “wawancara”, pasti terbayang ketegangan, kegugupan, dan kecemasan saat menjalani dan menunggu hasilnya. Percayalah, saya pun pernah menghadapi dan merasakan hal yang sama, bahkan lebih parah ;) Sepanjang perjalanan karier saya, sudah enam wawancara saya jalani. 405 more words


The Tough Road To My First Job

“Life isn’t a bed of roses” and even if it is, there are thorns attached. Life comes with more bad days than good days. You need to be willing to fight, till you die, in order to thrive. 1,965 more words

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Καλή επιτυχία στη συνέντευξη!

Συμπληρώσατε την αίτηση για το σχολείο, που συνήθως είναι διαφορετική για το κάθε σχολείο, γράψατε μετά από κόπο και αμέτρητες αναζητήσεις στο διαδίκτυο για παρόμοια κείμενα, το πώς ταιριάζει το προφίλ σας και η εμπειρία σας για τη συγκεκριμένη θέση, στο συγκεκριμένο σχολείο της συγκεκριμένης περιοχής (motivation letter ή supporting statement) και έχετε λάβει την πολυπόθητη πρόσκληση για τη συνέντευξη! 27 more words