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What Are You Doing To Tackle That Dreaded Interview Question?

Got a question that you just pray doesn’t get asked of you in future job interviews? Come on, you know; that question that you either think is just plain stupid in the first place or is going to sink your chances of landing a job offer because you’ve never really come up with a decent answer? 855 more words

Job Search Advice

A headhunter's tell-all guide to avoiding career suicide

“We now know beyond any reasonable doubt that much of what we were taught about how to succeed in life is goofy, wrong-headed, or just plain false,” writes Mark Jaffe about halfway through… 630 more words


Questions to Avoid at Interviews...Who Gets Raises ... Job Search Apps

Questions NOT to Ask at Interviews

At the end of an interview, job candidates should have questions to pose to a future employer. However, here are a few categories of queries that should… 267 more words

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5 reasons why first dates SUCK!

Let’s be honest: As exciting as first dates can be, they are equally as terrifying and intense.

People go on first dates with the intention of finding love. 686 more words

Mistakes Candidates Make and How To Avoid Them

During my career in recruitment I’ve met a significant number of candidates.  Most of them present themselves very well, but there are some that don’t.  Here are my observations of some of the mistakes candidates frequently make and how you can avoid them. 465 more words


12 Things That Happen In Your Last Semester of College

Here I am at the end of my college career and ready to move forward into “big kid” life. It’s a crazy, exciting, nerve wracking, and wonderful time in my life, but not much has prepared me for this time. 360 more words


Cover Letters Are Still Alive - and Thriving!

It may seem to job seekers that cover letters are not as important as they once were, as we’ve all heard about how little time most hiring managers spend reading a resume or that a computer may actually scan your resume before human eyes ever do. 1,021 more words