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Blunt Job Interview Advice

After the slew of job interviews I’ve gone through recently, I’ve had a fun lil experience of being able to check via LinkedIn who got the jobs I almost got. 1,984 more words


Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

If you were a company hiring people, would you think it efficient and cost effective to scour the country and fly in, house, and feed candidates to interview?  284 more words


A kinky tale | Chemo curls after breast cancer treatment

After finding out I was being made redundant back in April, it felt like life was conspiring to push me out of my comfort zone. Rather than go against it, I decided to go with it, to embrace it and get amongst it! 1,168 more words

Standing in Nothing But Your Underwear

I interviewed for a job last week.

The most daunting task on the entire schedule?  The candidates were assigned a topic for a 30 minute presentation.   400 more words

‘Entry Level Positions’ That Require 1-3 Years Of Experience Make Me Want To Punch Myself In The Throat

Here’s something no one tells you after you graduate college and begin the job hunt: The term “entry level job” is a misnomer.

You read that right. 198 more words

Why Socially Responsible Companies Pay Less for Top Talent

Let’s say you’re interviewing two highly qualified applicants, Smith and Jones, for the same job. Mr. Smith shows a clear interest in making a positive mark on the wider world including, for example, listing extensive… 393 more words