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What Will the Interview be Like?

Frodo is going for a job interview in about 5.5 hours time. He would like to know what to watch out for during the interview. There will be two interviewers – one will be his boss and the other will be his co-worker of equal rank. 310 more words


Well, THAT could have been awkward: job-interview edition

What, Andrew MacDonald asks, do you do if you and a friend are interviewing for the same job?  Academia is a small world, and so this is not a question that can be counted on to stay safely hypothetical.  788 more words

Job Interviews

A big week, maybe

Today might be a big week. I have an interview tomorrow morning for a job that I really really want. I researched more for it than for any position I have ever applied to. 146 more words


Job Interviews As A Single Parent

This may sound ridiculous, but the main reason I’ve not wanted to start a blog before is the worry that my future employer will discover I’m a single parent. 820 more words


This Is What's Next

You all already know how this story ends.

The endings are rarely the interesting parts. Did you read the first six and a half Harry Potter books to find out that the good guys win in the end? 1,468 more words


It’s All About Attitude (and Plenty of Preparation)!

Recently, my eldest son landed his ideal starter job on his career journey. Sure, he worked at a well-known supermarket during his college course, but we always discussed that this would just be a stop gap to earn money before getting serious about what he really wants to do in his life. 605 more words

Learning To Fish vs. Buying a Six Pack of Haddock

A productive mindset, during any career transition, is your ability to relate your well positioned “story” to others, answer questions effectively, conduct productive negotiations, and, in general, fine tune your personal salesmanship skills.  504 more words