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Job Interviews Are Sales Calls

The conversational current approach in interviewing job applicants shouldn’t fool you into relaxing.

Now that you are have gotten to the interview phase of your job hunt, you are there to close the deal. 626 more words

Career Paths

Interview at a coffee shop

The two ladies sat across from one another as the one was interviewing the other.

I thought of the brilliance of an interview in a coffee shop: 132 more words


How's the Interview Going to be Like?

Nothing in common between the interviewer and interviewee. Interviewee hates the style of the interviewer. Interviewer can’t relate to interviewee.

The interviewer is very keen to fill the position and seeks out the interviewee.  227 more words


Asking questions in interviews

You have finished presenting your case study, all  questions were answered in the way you want it to be, you got your points across. All seems well and as the interview draws to a close, one last question… 434 more words

Student Blogs

Your Career: Interviews

If you plan on changing careers or getting a new job in your current field, you’ll likely need to be interviewed at some point. Most interviews will take place face-to-face, but an initial interview or an interview for a position a long distances from your current residence may take place over the phone instead. 789 more words


Unemployment part 2

Today I want to share with you my week. As you know my life is pretty boring right now. Aside from the course I’m taking nothing happens. 1,238 more words


Uncomfortably Awake

Day 16: Impending failure. It’s currently 1:36am, which means I’ve screwed up my sleep pattern – yay.

I had two interviews today (or more accurately, yesterday), along with lunch with my old work friends. 635 more words