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Preparing Yourself For A Job Interview (Preparing Is Essential)

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Preparing Yourself For A Job Interview (Preparing Is Essential)

Job Interview time! Are you a graduate student or school leaver looking for a job? 550 more words

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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Be Yourself

This is a great clip.  You’ve got to answer the question in your head “what makes me actually me?”.

My answer to this is simple.  I look for moral authority in other people, but allow myself to make all my executive decisions.  259 more words

Job Interviews

News You Can Use

Here is an interesting article about some requests from recruiters that catch job seekers off guard. These will likely become more and more prevalent. So all job seekers should read this article.

Read it Here


Jerry Maguire - Recruitment Consultants

Get the most out of your recruitment consultant by understanding one thing. They play a dual role. They need salesmanship and swagger to get their clients on board because recruitment is a cut throat industry at times. 183 more words

Job Interviews

V for Vendetta - Integrity

I don’t know where I’d be in life without this clip. Someone years ago was an example of integrity to me, and you have to let yourself feel the vibe during tough times to remind you that you are really only trying to earn something in life, rather than blag it.   61 more words

Job Interviews

Understanding people.... 007 gets it wrong

We all make assumptions based on appearances, prejudices and our previous experiences of people, and this clip is the perfect example of why you should never judge a book by it’s cover and why you should realise that people who know themselves very well, who have very few insecurities (like Vesper) can read the signals you send out and pick out the holes in your integrity (which when you’re going for Executive positions is exactly what people are trying to do to you in a job interview).  175 more words

Job Interviews

Job Interviews - "Get a Narrative" from Good Will Hunting

OK.  So you’ve got the facts about why you want the job.  You’ve got reasons, personal and professional.  But what most people overlook is what a lot of employers really want to find out about the person sitting in front of them.  97 more words

Job Interviews