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So, newsflash! I’m coping!

Yesterday I went swimming in the morning. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I put my swimmers on under my clothes and forced myself to at least float! 791 more words

Your Future Is In The Cards

You’ll never get a job if you’re not memorable.

If you’re a student, homemaker, in the military, or unemployed…WHY do you need a card? Because you want to become a business professional, and business professionals have business cards. 327 more words


Can't cope

I can’t cope, I can’t cope, I can’t cope.

I now have 2 interviews this week, one I need to take the kids with me for. 285 more words

Job Hunt: Try All You Believe Will Work

A guy called this morning. By his very foreign accent and familiar sales pitch, it was instantly evident this was a boiler-room robocall to sell me, the typical retiree sucker, some kind of phony insurance or vacation plan. 653 more words

A Bird In Hand, One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest & 3rd Came To Roost

I have put my paw print🐾🐾 on one job offer and will start work in June.

But Pricier Bird flew by and after 3 rounds of dancing about, I am sure Pricier Bird has flown over this cuckoo’s nest. 215 more words


The case against mandatory job application feedback

There’s been a lot of talk recently about job application feedback, and some even say it should be a legal requirement for companies to tell applicants how they did. 307 more words


Top Tips for Nailing Job Interviews

I am really lucky to have experienced both sides of the interview equation before I was 25. I worked in a management level position in a museum before I went back to do my Master’s in Art History a few years a go. 758 more words