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Old School: Please and Thank You

It used to be common courtesy to politely ask for something, and then to give thanks when receiving it. Over time, this courtesy has become less common. 308 more words

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Randy Brown 10 Tips for Using References in Job Interviews

Randy Brown 10 Tips for Using References in Job Interviews

You can get or lose a job depending on how you approach the use of your references. 283 more words

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How to Interpret 7 Common Things Job Interviewers Say

Job seekers tend to overanalyze everything that happens during the hiring process – from how long it takes a company to respond to their application to how friendly the person calling to schedule an interview sounds. 794 more words


Thank You Notes - The Recruiter's Point of View

You always want to wrap up any interview with a proper thank you letter. Sending it through an email is the new norm as hand written notes are outdated. 350 more words


8 Tips For a Successful Video Interview

Nowadays it is a common practice for firms to have video/Skype interviews. This is based upon if the candidate is out of the state/country or if the interviewer works remotely from another location or is busy traveling for work. 952 more words


Common Courtesy - where have good manners gone?

So – I am now on the seemingly endless treadmill of looking for work. Whilst there are many job sites which make this very easy for you, by retaining your information/CV and enabling you to click and send an application with a directed cover letter or supporting statement, many jobs still require the completion of an ACTUAL application. 528 more words


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