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Your Career and Personal Development Choices

Being happy and motivated should be the goal of every employee no matter what industry you work in, but how many of us think that our skills and experience could be put to better use somewhere else? 537 more words

Most employed job seekers want to change careers

As the economy keeps generating jobs (even if many aren’t full-time or high-paying), people who stayed put during the recession are more confident that they can move on to greener pastures. 423 more words


Magnetic energy career choices

A question often asked by my coaching clients as well as job-seekers is “How do I make the right career move decision?” or “How do I know which are the best career choices for me?” 1,140 more words

Job Move

Minding my own business

I have come across lots of people who say that they are not cut out to do business and therefore choose to remain as employees working for a large organization. 980 more words

Job Move

OEM Job moves - Not easy!

Note: Scripts contained within work for 11g OEM repository databases.

How many times has Oracle requested or suggested that you should be running the latest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager?   1,341 more words


4 questions you need to ask before contemplating a job move

The global economic decline has prompted many employees to cling on desperately to their current jobs. But as skills sets become scarcer in certain professions and  sectors, individuals with particular hard to find skills sets are increasingly in demand. 132 more words


Changing tracks - Reinventing your career

This is my pet subject since I ‘ve reinvented my career several times over the years – moved from the finance function of an MNC to selling financial services in the mid 1980’s, then became an investment banker and made a huge career shift into the headhunting world 7 years ago and more recently flying solo building a career coaching practice. 1,096 more words

Job Move