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Job Order Contracting - Best Practices Implementation



 Job Order Contracting GUIDELINES & PROCEDURES

LEAN best management practices are integral to  the administration of a Job Order Contract (JOC).   Job order contracts, provides a flexible and responsive contractual capability in supporting its real property maintenance and renovation mission. 6,402 more words

Job Order Contracting - JOC, Training, & Motivation

Job Order Contracting – JOC – delivers greater numbers of quality projects, on-time and on-budget projects, as well as higher overall satisfaction levels than  “traditional” construction delivery methods such as design bid build, design build, CM@R, etc.   220 more words

LEAN - Job Order Contracting WebCast - Society of Military Engineers Facility Asset Management Committee

“LEAN – Job Order Contracting WebCast” – Society of Military Engineers Facility Asset Management Committee

On April 14th, The Society of Military Engineers (SAME) Facility Asset Management Committee hosted a WebCast presented by the Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence – CJE. 255 more words

BIM Policy Lags Techology

The primary challenge to BIM and the efficient life-cycle management of the build environment in general is a lack of awareness and education specific to total-cost-of-ownership and associated decision support tools. 71 more words

LEAN Facility Renovation, Repair, & Construction

Owner focus upon a BEST VALUE approach to facility management is required in order to maximize productivity and minimize waster.   Prevalent “low bid” design-bid-build construction procurement and delivery and it’s associated narrow consideration of “first costs”, is extremely wasteful and typically results in poor quality, project delays, excessive numbers of change orders, and overall higher costs.   190 more words