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A Dissection of the Job Rejection Letter

When I was an employer, I thought it was kind to send rejection letters to applicants. It was an acknowledgement of their time to apply. But the practice had an interesting backlash. 317 more words

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What Your Job Rejection Letter Really Means

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your application for the role of Meaningless Job Title, with little pay and fewer prospects.

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email.

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Laughing Baby Loves Ripping Paper! (video LOL)

Baby Micah could not contain his laughter when his dad ripped up a job rejection letter he received in the mail.

The 8-month-old found it so funny, that his dad kept ripping up paper to make his son crack up.

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Real Rejection E-mail

Thank you so so so so so much for applying to our ad for (position) at (XYZ Corporation). We really really really really appreciate your interest! 166 more words