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So, there you are.

Well, kind of.

So, here I am.

Well, kind of.

Continuous Learning translates into Continuous Employment

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Many students don’t understand that after graduation, their learning journeys continue. Continuous learning doesn’t always take place in a classroom. It could involve hours of self-study or on-the-job training programs. 593 more words

Pre-Interview Prep Prevents Poor Performance

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Congratulations to you if you’ve made it to the interview stage. It’s an exciting yet scary time. I recently received an invitation to a 3-hour panel-style case interview. 764 more words

How to Craft Effective Resumes

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Recycling bins from HR probably contain thousands of resumes. Employers will usually glance at the top 45% 856 more words

How to Build your Brand: Networking and Gaining Experience

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The city of Toronto invested over a million dollars to create that sign in front of City Hall. How much will you invest in your brand? 677 more words

Failure = Career Success

I have just been attending a forum on the growing concerns of employability. I am certain that you will not be surprised to hear that work experience featured quite strongly as something employers look for when recruiting graduates. 220 more words


The #1 Mistake Made During Your Job Search

We’re all pretty familiar with job searching and, to be honest, it can be a pretty painful process. I wrote an article for Looksharp about the #1 mistake you make during your job search–and what to do instead. 19 more words