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The Arrival of Julio (7/1/15)

Did you know there are some McDonald’s that are not 24 hour?! I mean what’s the point of living if your local McDonald’s isn’t open at 3am…. 368 more words


Getting Over It

I am moving past the “waiting for a callback” topic that has dominated my blog for the last 2 weeks.  It’s not going to be easy to stop myself from thinking about it but I need to just continue living my life.   655 more words


Searching for Graduate Schemes

It’s summer! Which for many of you means the end of exams and the end of your time here with us at UoH. So what next? 217 more words


The Feeling Of and Dealing With Job Search Frustration

Because of the difficulty of job searching, you know what it means to become frustrated – from time to time – in the job search process. 958 more words

Job Search

Declare Your Independence

In preparing to go the fireworks display on July 4th it occurs to me that many of us are feeling much like our founding fathers. Oppressed, exploited, or demoralized, not about the direction of our country, but about our careers. 116 more words

Job Search

Year 7 on the Job

For most of these work stories, especially the early ones, I’ve had to wring the recesses of my mind to remember the more unsavory details. I’ve always had a somewhat rose-tinted view of the past. 844 more words