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5 Reasons Everybody Should Do A Mock Interview

Interviews make or break our careers. Whether it’s making the cut for a competitive graduate program, landing your first internship, or getting the job of your dreams, almost every opportunity hinges on that strange form of conversation we call an interview. 622 more words

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Does your résumé need an objective?

Statistics Canada reported an additional 48,300 jobs across the country in January, indicating that the employment market is heating up. If you consider this a siren call to jump into the employment pool, it may be time to review your résumé and make some necessary updates. 543 more words


The Perfect Job

Scrolling through Twitter I saw a glimmer of hope of finding my perfect job.

It was a few days ago I saw a vacancy at a museum I’d kill to work for, an advertisement for an admin role associated with co-ordinating volunteers. 235 more words

How Online Job Searching is Beneficial | Job Mafiaa

When you post your resume through different job websites, your mailbox gets to be distinctly overloaded with information you could conceivably require. You should be careful of people who have no hesitations about utilizing your personal information for their own profit. 448 more words

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101 Ways to Find a Job - Way #9 Continued Learning

Don’t be surprised when interviewing if the hiring manager asks about the last class that you took, or how you go about learning new skills. Continued learning is important to hiring managers because they want to know that you’re willing to keep up as technology changes or new laws are passed. 474 more words

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How the Job Hunt Is a Lot Like Dating (and How to Deal)

Dating is rough — especially in today’s millennial, app-driven, and instant-gratification society. The game of going to countless dinners with different people, having numerous awkward first dates, and swiping left and right based on a cursory glance, is not an easy process. 410 more words


Why do so few employers check references?

This isn’t going to be a post in which I pose a deceptively simple question in the title, and then blow your mind with a concise, insightful, yet counter-intuitive answer (ha!), like I’ve attempted with… 360 more words

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