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Looking for a Job (Again)

I’m looking forward to the time when I’m at a job for more than a year.  Job-hunting sucks for many reasons, some of which include: (1) it takes a lot of time and energy that you may or may not have; (2) you’ll probably get rejected along the way, and that’s never fun; and (3) job-hunting means that you’re unhappy at your current position. 454 more words


Tech Startups: Are They Evil?

I had a spirited conversation with my roommate and her boyfriend this morning about which was worse: working for the government or working for a tech startup. 261 more words

Change – But Don’t

So, how goes your search? Have you been at it a while? Frustrated? Here is one of my favorite quotes (from Einstein), “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Can you apply this to your job search? 273 more words

Job Search

How to write a CV - the big question.

“A good CV cannot give you a job, but it can cost you a job”

In today’s day and age everybody has access to some form of program that allows you to write your CV.

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Curriculum Vitae

A Recruiter’s Best Practices for Resume Writing

People overthink their resumes — constantly. It’s true that the competitiveness of the job market makes it even more imperative than ever for applicants to draw the attention of the reviewer before s/he moves on to the next resume in their pile. 777 more words

Job Search