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Career Myths and Misconceptions

We’re giving you the truth on some common career myths and misconceptions!

  1. Your major is the main determinant of your career.

While some individuals do pursue careers that are traditional for their majors, such as those who major in accounting or mechanical engineering, most graduates combine academic disciplines of interest with experience in their short and long-term career pursuits. 873 more words

Career Advice

Getting Ready for the Spring Job Market After Winter Break

by Lisa L. Simmons

Winter break is over at most campuses. Students are returning to classes, and employers are preparing to target them for job and internship openings. 439 more words

Career Counseling

"References Available Upon Request"

Remember colored toilet tissue? It was odd, unnecessary, and probably a health risk. While including “references available upon request” may not cause a tumor, the other two adjectives fit. 246 more words

What IS This OTHER Job Market?

In every marketplace, there are buyers and sellers.  In the traditional job market, the one that our Department of Labor measures for us, job seekers are the sellers and their potential employers are the buyers.  443 more words

Personal Marketing Plan

The 6 essential steps to prepare an interview

You did it, your resume was selected, you have passed the phone interview and now the recruiter would like to meet you face to face to further discuss the job offer and your candidacy. 1,048 more words


The 5 golden rules of cover letter writing

Writing a cover letter is not an easy task and unlike your resume which should be factual and concise, the cover letter is more creative which can be difficult for certain people. 685 more words


The 7 golden rules of resume writing

The resume is the most important document you will create during your application process. It is the story of your professional life and will be used by recruiters to judge if your profile is a good fit for the position and company you are applying to. 1,072 more words