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How To Approach Your Job Search As An International Student

When you come to the US on an F-1 visa you have a lot more flexibility to work in the US than you would on a work visa. 728 more words

Job Journey: What if a Recruiter Calls? 

Answer the damn phone!  Just kidding…..you don’t have to pick up the phone if you don’t have time at that moment or your boss is in your office. 250 more words

Job Search

You Can Discover The Most Interesting Professional Opportunities With The Exciting Ohire App.

While applying for jobs, would you prefer standing out from the crowd by showing your talent through a short video or would you follow the age-old tradition of preparing a boring paper resume, which most of the recruiters don’t have the time to go through? 720 more words

How to Start Over...

How can we use an unfortunate job situation to our advantage? Here are some thoughts on job searching, fear of poverty, and buying-yourself-time mentality.

A couple months ago I’ve been told by my boss that the institution I work for will not be renewing my contract. 993 more words


The Job Search: Elements of a Good Online Presence, part 2: Social Media

Ah, social media. The modern double-edged sword. On one hand, it can be a great tool to get your name and your work out in the world, and can help establish you as an expert in your field. 1,095 more words

The Job Search

Recipe: Keto Berry Ice Cream

Although I don’t regret stepping back from my previous job, it’s been almost seven months unemployment. This is around the time when the “oh my god why won’t anyone interview me” gloom sets in. 347 more words


One year

So I have an anniversary of sorts.  And I hope that you will all celebrate with me.

I have been at my job for exactly one year. 308 more words