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Do something every day that scares you. 

I didn’t have anything on my schedule for today, which (especially for those who know me) probably sounds incredibly strange.  Believe me – it was, especially this morning.  1,893 more words


The Cardinal Visit

There is an old wive’s tale about getting a visit at your bird feeder from a cardinal. It’s supposed to be a good omen. Some people believe it’s a visit from a loved one in heaven. 716 more words


Google has a very clever recruiting trick

Google is known for its challenging interview process. What’s not as well know is that it covertly recruits top coders based on their Internet searches. 269 more words


25 Actual Skills We Would Put On Our Resumes If We Didn't Really Care About Being Employed

1. Strong ability to pull up decoy Excel spreadsheet in short amount of time when boss walks over to desk.

2. Can come up with incredible, detailed excuses for coming in late after drinking too much at office happy hour. 354 more words

Job Search Project


We’ve been talking about rhetorical analysis, using the terms from WD ch. 2 to guide us (audience, purpose, context, author, and genre). We’ll apply those terms to lots of different texts throughout the semester, starting with documents surrounding job applications–both texts that you find and texts that you create. 612 more words

Job Skills

The Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make on their Resumes

Unfortunately, if you’re a job applicant, the companies you want to work for will form their first impressions of you from your resume. Resumes are tough, and you shouldn’t underestimate their importance in today’s job market. 317 more words


Well today has been pretty crazy from the get-go.  Let’s see if I can remember everything that’s happened in the last four hours: