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How to Execute and Manage a Successful Job Search

The old days of finding a job right out of school and sticking with it until retirement is certainly in the past. In these modern times, people have become more adept at locating 5,336 more words


Dealing with an Unsupportive Boss

I am sure you’ve heard the saying. “People don’t leave jobs, they leave their boss”. Management can sometimes present obstacles to your success, whether it’s a 653 more words


The Three Very Basic, Very Important Phone Hacks That Can Get You Your Next Job

In the age of the internet, a phone call is still a powerful tool in your job search. While tech does play a big part in the modern search, don’t discount some very basic, yet vitally important, things you can do with your phone (and without Wi-Fi). 400 more words

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All I Want for 2018 is a Job Change: How to Make it Happen

With under 3 weeks to go until the New Year, scenes of family dinners, fireplaces and presents are already dominating peoples’ minds. If one of those “presents” you are hoping for is a different job, you are in luck because December is a great time to put the wheels in motion for a start date with a different company come January. 439 more words

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A Thing is a Thing

I remember a wise man telling me once:

“Kai, you must let a thing be a thing. One thing cannot be another.”

It took me quite some time to understand what he meant, until today while submitting applications for jobs.

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What's the Biggest Obstacle to You Investing in Your Own Development?

I recently came across an online pole asking what’s the biggest obstacle to you investing in your own development. I was jarred by the #1 response “I don’t have time.” 41% of the respondents gave this as their reason. 475 more words

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Struggles with the Job Search

Sorry it’s been longer than usual since my last post.  I needed some time to think about what I wanted to write about.  In the end I decided to not write about animals, but something else that is near and dear to my heart; struggling to find a job.  871 more words