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Two Month's Hospitality: What Henry Learned Waiting Tables

Last week, I finished waiting tables at a burger joint. Yes, I officially threw in the towel. Two jobs down in three months, it’s confirmed, I’m a quitter. 1,959 more words


The Highly Educated but Needs Experience Paradox

The British Psychological Society (2018). 

I fall into the “highly educated but needs more experience paradox”. I pursued a Masters in Psychology in order to see if I could get a Doctorate in the field to become a psychologist. 365 more words


Help Your New Hires

(Originally published here on Inside Higher Ed.)

Dear department chairs and college deans,

Will new faculty members join your institution this fall? If so, you can do a handful of things that will help them transition. 1,522 more words

How To


How are you supposed to feel after an interview?

Did it go well? I don’t know. It didn’t go terribly. I was actually surprised I was given an interview because I didn’t have familiarity with their main technology, so if I don’t get the job, I will expect it’s just lack of relevant experience. 358 more words


I have been offered an in-person interview following a phone interview I had last week. I’m surprised that of the 3 phone calls I’ve had so far, this is the one that turned into an interview, but whatever, I’ll take it. 305 more words

Mixed signals

Well, I was planning to start my anti-depressants this weekend but today wasn’t such a bad day and I’ve decided to re-assess next week.

The main thing is that I have a voicemail from the recruiter who set me up with the two phone interviews asking me to phone him back as he has ‘good news’. 67 more words

Not bleeding

There was no sign of bleeding today, which is good. In the past it’s usually been visible for two days so the fact it’s back to normal after one this time is nice. 272 more words