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Final days in Brunei

Extra days now in Brunei. The first one we decided to spend away from the capital and head for a beach. Someone told us about the Empire Hotel and Country Club, which was a rather select complex on the coast. 913 more words

Jobshare Top Tip #5: Practice Humility

Often in today’s workplace, being humble can be seen as a weakness when in fact, entirely the opposite is true and crucial to success as a Jobsharer. 596 more words

Flexible Working

Why are Jobsharers More Productive and Less Stressed?

One of the over arching benefits of successful Jobsharing that seems to come through from senior level Jobsharers is the benefit of the supportive nature of their partnership.  392 more words


Job sharing in Cambridge

I never really knew too much about job sharing before I photographed Sara Horsfall and her new job sharing company Ginibee.

Their job sharing network event was held in Cambridge, and was particularly interesting and a great insight into the possibilities of creating job shares.


Jobshare Top Tip #4: Act With Integrity

In last month’s post, I covered the importance of a Jobsharer “deciding to trust” in order for a partnership to thrive. What’s interesting and scary at the same time about this decision, is the condition of having to offer the trust first in order to test the partnership, because taking this leap with someone you don’t necessarily know, is a tricky decision for most of us. 558 more words

Work Life Balance

10 reasons why I loved job sharing

This will be completely personal and more than likely of no interest to anyone except myself. Luckily I have no followers of this blog, he he. 689 more words

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