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Having it All

My mother is a  modern-day, have-it-all, role model woman.  She went to medical school after being a successful teacher and graduated first in her class.   When she got married, she arranged to share a job with another doctor running a NICU at a hospital.   216 more words

What Do Working Parents Want? Flexible Work Options.

Today, dual-income families account for 46 percent of two-parent households in the U.S., according to Pew Research Center. In single-parent households, 76 percent of single mothers work and 85.1 percent of single fathers work. 561 more words


Leisure time at work

The promise of technology was that leisure time would increase. That hasn’t happened, at least not in the manner expected.

The number of hours at work has decreased over the decades but not at the rate expected. 495 more words


Jangan Berkecil Hati buat Para Pencari Kerja yang Belum Juga Dapat Pekerjaan

Belakangan ini sering kita lihat maraknya job fair, dan juga situs lowongan online membuat para pencari kerja berbondong-bondong kesana kemari untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan. Beberapa oknum mengambil kesempatan itu untuk mengambil keuntungan dengan cara yang sangat licik. 626 more words

Job Sharing

Job share: Boots and Rush

When this story came through my Facebook feed, I had to share it.

Yet another ‘working dogs/therapy dogs’ success story – this time in Western Australia at the Woodvale Secondary College using two special greyhounds. 67 more words


Babys oder Karriere: Der Versuch junge Forscher in der Wissenschaft zu halten.

The english version of this post was published on the NatureJobs Blog in June 2016.

Könnten geteilte PostDocs die Vereinbarkeit von Arbeits- und Privatleben verbessern und eine Karriere in der Wissenschaft attraktiver machen? 503 more words