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One Day At A Time

Getting ready to go to work. Only a five mile drive. Meeting two students before school to help with their math. The math curriculum, CPM, is boring but I have to embrace it for job security. 67 more words


Does Being Busy Really Make You Special?

As I get older, I notice more and more 20-somethings yearning for recognition, for acknowledgement that they are special for being a hardworking college kid who spreads himself too thin. 378 more words

Pounding the Pavement

Here I am again, on another job hunt, throwing resumes like Frisbees and receiving very little interests for my efforts. It’s been almost three months now and in that span of time I’ve had only three interviews. 694 more words


#Universal Chuckle

I found this universal chuckle on Instagram that was posted by authoronwalker. Forgive the quality of my reproduction.


JOBS, STAFF and H.R: The Cost Of Posting Concierge Medicine Jobs Online

By CMT Staff Writer

OCTOBER 6, 2015 – Concierge Doctors tell us on a regular basis that recruiting high-quality staff, or people who believe in what you’re selling or even those physician partners is critical to the long-term success of a modern-day Concierge Medical Practice. 356 more words


adventures in babysitting

What got me started when I was 11 years old is Ann M. Martin’s book series “The Baby Sitter’s Club”, which was also a show (tv and video series in the US) and a movie. 94 more words

Personal Growth

Everybody's Faking It: Shutting Down Impostor Syndrome

Amanda Hoey – Washington, DC

You find out about a new project at work and freeze in terror, feeling like there’s no way you can do it. 796 more words