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Gizmo gets HIRED!?

In September, Gizmo is going to be a year old. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since Giz has come into my life!! 564 more words



the girl could feel her heart beating in her chest as she bounced around the office, trying her best to complete everything. it was crazy, she’d never been this busy before, but it was the good kind of crazy that felt good and made her feel accomplished. 204 more words


When Can I Start?

I had the fortune to become unemployed mid June this year.
Yes, it is a massive struggle. Yes, it is a big challenge, Yes it is very scary. 346 more words

Dream Job

Hats! I need hats!!

So there is this job available, at this company, in an area, and I WOULD BE PERFECT FOR IT. I think I would slay this job harder than I have ever slayed. 662 more words

Where I Am

Just to see what I can do.


I’m not one who plans ahead, I try to though, I try to invest in the future but somehow everything goes the opposite. The biggest commitment I’ve done so far is leasing a car for 3 years. 384 more words


When I Grow Up I Want To Be....

Every kid has been asked this question countless times. Of course the answers change as the child gets older.In high school, there are classes and programs to help you choose the best career for you. 198 more words


Getting Paid for Creativity

Yes, it would be nice if making creative things automatically brought income, but it’s just not that easy. So if the stuff we make doesn’t make us a nice income, how can we afford to do it? 874 more words

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