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Not even a week

I had intended on writing something daily. Much to my own annoyance that hasn’t worked.

This week has been a struggle. Depression is a bitch. 95% of the time I have a good grip on it but this week was that 5%. 48 more words

The High Commissioner and the Girl Meet

He sat in the back of the car, waiting for her to show up, his heart leaping at the mere thought of seeing her again.  It wasn’t too late for him to call the whole thing off.  512 more words



When it came to the future of work, the prophets of the past swarmed. Karl Marx believed that it would be possible for anyone to “hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, practice livestock breeding in the evening and criticize after dinner … without ever becoming a hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic”. 1,106 more words

Personal Thoughts

How to become the Best Volunteer?

The phone rang, even though Diane did not recognize the phone number, she answered it anyway. The man introduced himself as Chris, HR coordinator from Volt – a local manufacturing company. 1,092 more words


Childhood Dream

To have your childhood dream realized is a really big deal-Maya Rudolph

As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor. I was so determined to be a doctor that I never thought about any other job. 629 more words

Who is full of hot air?

Sam Storms comments on Eliphaz’s Second Speech (Job 15)

A rebuke – 15:1-16

1.  For Job’s irreverent talk – vv. 1-6

He ridicules Job, insisting that his words flow from a belly filled with hot air rather than from his mind or heart, the center of reason.

85 more words

‘And What Is It That You Do?’

‘And what is it that you do?’

A conversation starter that is favoured among guests at parties and gatherings.

‘Oh I’m just a lifeguard.’

My mouth puts the words together and blurts them into the atmosphere before my brain can intervene, hastily followed by, 486 more words

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