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This past year has been one giant messy transition. I have neglected posting anything because of everything going on in our household. Want the list??? Well here goes anyway…feel free to skip if you’d like. 842 more words

Canada Post Strike

Original image by MapleDude.Ca

Canada Post company¬†workers are on strike for a several months. The strike was initiated by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers… 44 more words


The Mess

To brave the mess,

I’m called to do,

I must confess,

And that I want to,

With a certain amount

Of quiet and space,

With a certain measure… 11 more words


Locked In

“Hmm? Why is the door locked?” The young woman wondered as she pushed on the double-glass doors of the mall. She had just finished attending a meeting for work and was making her way out when she came face to face with locked doors. 334 more words

Desk Notes

Take the Leap

We all want to be successful and do what we love. Sometimes that means starting a side hustle while working a current job. However, starting your side hustle when you have anxiety can be daunting. 213 more words


The Benefits of Working 2 Jobs

There’s usually a reason behind everyone’s 2nd job. Whether that be to pay rent or pay for your child/’s dance, karate, or music class. The reason I ventured off to find a 2nd job was to support my family business. 581 more words


Exploring The New World

Exploring The New World

Genesis 9:1-17

Pastor Adam Mallett, Jr.

Adapted from sermon by

Pastor Gary DarDar, Jr.

When Noah and his family exited the ark, they had a huge task before them! 994 more words