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A Crash Course in Customer Service

To serve people takes dignity and intelligence. But remember, they are only people with money. And although we serve them, we are not their servants…

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Life In General

Who is Taylen?

‘Who is Taylen?’ This is something I’ve asked myself time and time again. For a long time, I thought there was going to be one defining thing about me and that THAT was going to be the thing people remembered me for. 558 more words

Pearls of Wisdom

Its been 2 years since I graduated out of Business School. Have I become wiser for the better? Yes, most definitely. Wise would be a massive understatement. 1,396 more words

Leaving The Past Behind

It’s taken a while to write another blog post, this is because my life has literally been like a circus these past two months.  I’ve learnt some very important lessons these past few weeks, leaving something that is important to you is a tricky thing to do, it’s upsetting and hard work, but at the end of it, its worth all the pain, upset and tears. 394 more words

Day X - Dismissed!

Actually, it should be called “X-1” and should have been at least partially been published yesterday. Anyways, let´s start from scratch here.

Those who know for whom I am working, probably has come across the zillions of online articles and reports and what not that popped up since last Thursday, announcing the company dismissing a huge bunch of their employees. 604 more words


How to File for Unemployment

I found out I was getting laid off about 3 months before my last day, which I know is a lot of time and very generous of the company I worked for, but it still felt like a race against time as I worked on my resume and applied to as many jobs as possible; my goal being to have as little time pass in between jobs. 633 more words


This Week is Killing Me!!

For the past 3 weeks, I have been working between 30+ hours a week instead of the typical 20 hours I usually work. Yay, more money for me! 330 more words