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Planetarium Software

I found some really good free planetarium software. It’s called Stellarium. Today, I was able to use this software, but I’m going to download it and use it at home. 180 more words


Professional confidence trumps mascara

I received an impromptu invitation this morning to attend a dinner hosted by a former colleague (from almost 20 years ago) who is now a CEO and mover and shaker in my industry. 398 more words


March 14, 2006

I’m looking for online writing jobs on the internet. One job I searched requires you to write 100 short articles (300 words for every article) for 15,000 pesos. 16 more words


7 Ways To Stay Busy Between Jobs

Looking for a job can be discouraging at times, but keeping yourself busy with other activities can help. Don’t sit around doing nothing while waiting to hear back from potential employers. 417 more words

New Blog

Where Am I?

I am a recent graduate from University, and it is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

For some reason I always thought that because I was getting a degree, I would instantly find myself landing a great paying, high class job right after graduation. 702 more words


I recently shared an image and comment on why I genuinely believe that we all need to practice the art of leaving the office on time.

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I’m finally sitting (make that lying) down. It is day 10 of my vacation from work (excluding weekends) and the majority of my time off has involved small projects around the house, lots of organizing and redecorating, and of course, the biggest of them all, wedding prep, parties and all. 568 more words