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10 Tips for a Successful Skype Interview

Many of us have seen that BBC interview with the Korea expert, whose children entered the room unexpectedly mid-call. I thought of this when I was coaching a client last week for his first International Skype interview. 575 more words


I did it! I spent the last 2 days relaxing, sketching, doing some light yoga, obsessing about Twin Peaks… and I was feeling much better. But now, it’s time to catapult myself back to reality. 225 more words


How to find a job in 2017

After almost 4 months of active job searching, I finally landed my next consulting gig. It’s a tough market out there for project management professionals. The mining boom in Brisbane definitely has worn off, people from my old network have moved away and there is a lot of qualified professionals in the market that are competing for the same roles. 993 more words


A mini rant, that's all

For the last couple of weeks, I have sent applications to not less than 15 local-based companies but haven’t heard from any one. Not a single phone call. 226 more words



Another day.

Mornings are difficult for me. I find myself “happier” at night, before bed. When I can literally turn my entire mind and body off. 145 more words


my job vs your job

Today, I had attended an interview after a very long time. The interview was cute. I aced it. Got the job and came home. I’ve never been this confident in an interview and it was quiet a good feeling . 120 more words


I feel like I have been doing much better lately. I have to. I can’t afford to be broken anymore. So I wake up everyday, full of dread, ready to slay the day with a skip and a fake smile. 135 more words