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DAY 43

So, yet another person I graduated university with has landed a job as an assistant fashion buyer. I have no right to be upset, really, since I haven’t been actively looking for a job – just wishing for one. 271 more words


Blind Cats and Job Experience

The animal hospital manager called this morning and asked if I was interested in coming in for an interview. “What time works for you?” I asked. 604 more words


The Professional Conquest

There are moments in life that determine whether you are a crier or a trier. I had one such moment today.

The plan was simple: input address into Google Maps, leave 30 minutes early for a 5 minute route and attend an interview at 1pm. 193 more words



As a student, I was always led to believe that the more qualifications I had, the easier it would be to land a well-paying job in contrast to my peers who had chosen not to go down the university route. 511 more words


Five More

A job search engine found five potential jobs and a local newspaper had one more. OK, the job search engine found a lot more than five jobs, but out of the mix, * 807 more words


How to Go to Work When You'd Rather Hit Snooze

There’s enough out there for us to discuss if it’s important to love your job – think of that saying that if you love your job you’ll never a work a day in your life. 406 more words

Did Someone Say Career Expo?

Raise your hand if you feel like you go speed dating when you are at a career expo? *Raises hand*

So, I have never actually gone speed dating but from the looks of it on t.v. 782 more words