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How To Make Your Job Hunt Happier

Job hunting!  It’s the worst, I know.

I always think of job hunting as its own full-time job.  Except that you do it for free, get rejected way more often, and perhaps cry more.   1,076 more words

On Second Thought...

I’m going to quit a job.

Even saying this out loud terrifies me. Who am I to voluntarily give up earning money? By what right am I able to tell an organization that is paying me that I don’t want to work with them anymore? 428 more words

Finding A Freelance Writing Job

Until you get your dream writing job, it is up to you to prioritize your job hunt. This can feel nearly impossible, especially when you already have a job and a million other responsibilities to keep track of. 586 more words


Chiang Mai 5-0 Trat

Sell out crowd (Probably, I didn’t check…), and they were all cheering for Chiang Mai… I guess… Who cares? It was Chiang Mai FC vs Trat FC, my first Thai football game in years, and time to awkwardly squint throughout the whole game because I’d forgotten my glasses. 818 more words


since yu been gone

I am a horrible blogger. It’s been, what, 7 months?

My last post was at the start of the JLF. I can’t do justice to the mind-blowing things I learned and the incredible people I met, even if I wrote a book, so this sentence will have to do. 333 more words

Mission accomplished

Blogi on ollut hiljaa äärimmäisen pitkään, johtuen siitä, että tammikuun puolessa välissä alkoi pitkä pyöritys, joka huipentui siihen, että kävin ystävänpäivän korvilla allekirjoittamassa työsopimuksen. Jes, mission accomplished! 971 more words

The Waiting Game

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve just kind of been in a slump. It’s been over a month since I was let go and I’m a little frustrated. 484 more words