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A Month Long and No Money

So its been a month of job hunting and I’m still unsuccessful. It one person tells me I interview well but I don’t have enough expereince Im gonna official give up on this corporate career life. 250 more words


Colocar ou não seus hobbies no currículo?

Uma das dúvidas mais recorrentes que recebemos sobre currículo é: devo colocar os meus hobbies ou não?

A resposta é a mesma que damos para quase todas as dúvidas: faça a sua lição de casa. 190 more words

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Lagos Waka – Job Hunt – Mosunmola®

The future seemed bleak as I was torn between work and furthering my education.

I had spent months applying to different schools abroad, before the end of service. 842 more words

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The Hunt

Job hunting has become my new job! I have learned some tips and tricks in the past two months and wanted to share them with you all. 616 more words


Hello February!

So the first month of 2017 has been and gone. Well that was quick!

January is always a tricky month, people tend to have no money as the gap between pay days feels like forever, it’s cold and it seems like a long time to summer! 595 more words


Day 14

A pet peeve of mine when I go to interviews is being on time. If a time is agreed lets say 2:30pm. Just as I am expected to be on time to the interview I expect who is interviewing to be as well. 300 more words

What To Do While Your Roommate Applies For Jobs

It’s a question as old as time.

In today’s world, with the way the housing market looks and the astronomical price to rent on your own, you will come to a point in your life where you will move in with your best friend and both quit your jobs around the same time. 669 more words