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The Job Hunt...

This is the tale of my job hunt! Throughout this story I think I applied for around 200+ jobs in around 10 months (which I think is a lot). 353 more words

My Life...

Ditch your resume - how to job hunt with a tweet

Is 3 days the right amount of time to wait before pinging a contact who is ‘circulating your resume’ through their company? One month into my job hunt and I had visions of paper-airplanes with my name on it floating through some beanbag-filled tech offices in London. 476 more words


How to Quit Your Job

Welcome back my fellow readers. Today I step into Andy Anderson’s shoes and share with you a classic How To article! But not how to lose ten pounds in 2 weeks or find true love, but How To Quit Your Job (responsibly I should say). 1,327 more words


Tackling Job interviews

Nowadays I have been applying for jobs and am giving all sorts of interviews as well which involve walk-ins, one to one appointments, telephonic rounds and what not. 528 more words


So what do you want to become?

I wrote this almost a year ago, somethings have changed since but I need to write much more about it to be able to move along in life personaly and professionaly.. 957 more words

Don’t just complete university with a degree. Build and grow your C.V whenever you can.

A degree is a success and achievement in itself. When the certificate of my qualification gets delivered to my mail box, there’s a feeling I cannot wait to have knowing what 3 years of hard work has given me. 903 more words


Every Job Posting is Exactly the Same and it's Getting Ridiculous

I’m currently grinding out the job hunting process again and I’m seeing the exact same problem I did with the content produced today. It’s all the same with a lack of effort to produce meaningful unique job descriptions that encapsulate what the job will entail. 518 more words