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oHNo... I'm home and I'm broke

For the last four years I have lived in South Korea teaching small children, elementary students, English. It was an easy life, a good life, not a dull life. 512 more words


How my mum's death has made me a better recruiter

No matter where I go in the world; whether it be Belfast, Dublin, London, LA or Auckland; the recruitment industry is viewed by most as being at the bottom of the career and employment pile. 1,025 more words


How To Get What You Want At Work

When originally thinking about this topic this title seemed ridiculous, bratty even. Everyone knows you can’t always get what you want and there’s no four step formula that makes all your dreams come true. 1,306 more words

Growing Up

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

Everyone will hit a stage in their lives when they are unemployed. Some may be lucky and find the right job straight away but for a lot of us, this is just not the case. 883 more words


Rejected, Yet Grateful

As I continue to seek an entry level position, it becomes more and more difficult every day. Not because I have more work to do every time, but because the rejection, the ignore, and the wait is just draining me. 253 more words

Mind the Gap, Mindthegap, Miiiiiiind thegap

“The greatest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing”
– John Maxwell

In regard to the above quote… John Maxwell was clearly not British. 672 more words


All Groan Up Pt 3 - Woman Police Constable / WPC Mia868

Earlier this year I saw an career opportunity advertisement on Facebook. The opportunity sought to attract recent graduates from all fields – ranging from mechanical engineering to forensic sciences. 633 more words