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7 Reasons To Quit Your Corporate Job For A Startup

How many times in a week do you get this feeling: I am going to quit my job“. Quitting your job sounds scary right? 1,015 more words


On the Hunt

It’s crunch time, people!

To summarize, within the last few weeks/months I have been dealing with a lot of stressful situations in my life. I have been avoiding most of them as best I can (i.e. 531 more words

First Rejection Letter

We experience a lot of firsts in life: first steps, first words, first love, and so on. There is a beginning to every experience.  After graduating in May and leaving literally three days later to finish my final requirements for my fellowship, which entailed me living roughly four months in Berlin working as a student advisor full time, I am now back in New York really experiencing what it feels like for post-grad students. 802 more words


Endless days

Today, as I loaded up yet another episode of Suits on Netflix, I started to wonder what I would fill up my days of unemployment if the internet didn’t exist. 342 more words

I missed the memo?

Post Secret of the Week:
I hide in my office and read fanfiction =^_^=

Anyway, I missed a memo apparently. Now we only come into work WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT??? 460 more words

A Day In Two Top PR Firms

As you know, I want a job in public relations and I want that job to be in Atlanta. I’ve been getting tired and burnt out from applying essentially everywhere that Atlanta has to offer and began to think whether I should expand my location options. 467 more words

Tips for a Telephone Interview

It has come to a point in my life where I am on the hunt for a job.

Saying it is an easy task or an enjoyable one is far from the truth. 457 more words