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Day 5- Height of joblessness.

My dearest Fart,
I miss you, as I always do, but today is especially hard because you had never left me like this. I can almost feel you inside me as I wait for you to come out and I can smell the scent of food that always reminds me of you. 177 more words

Moving Day

I just finished moving from Irvine over to Costa Mesa with my roommates and I have to say, the new apartment is pretty nice. I have my own room, which is more like one huge square, but at least now I have space for my random film equipment. 91 more words


When Life Gives You Lemons

When life throws you lemons,….

I’ll be honest here. I have heard this phrase a couple of times and I have indeed lived that phase in life when life, not only throws me lemons but it would even run out of fruits to throw at, it would start throwing whatever it has near it. 461 more words

To be or not to be...

So yesterday was hard, confusing, and sad. It was Leif’s first birthday and it just brought up all the drama and questions that we have been burying. 95 more words


Jobless on a Hard Year

Saturday, July 25, 2015, 4:09 PM

   This might come out as a surprise, but I just started trying to write a blog at the age of 26. 530 more words

Second Guessing @ Life

I should know better than to second guess myself at something I love.

Especially when it comes to fandom.

Tag Wrangling actually sounded kinda fun, but I missed my chance because all I could think was “I’ll apply tomorrow”. 22 more words


New Jobless Claims At 42 Year Low: Good News Or Not?

The release on Thursday of figures showing that new jobless claims were down to 255,000 last week, the lowest figure since November 1973, has been met with excitement in some quarters. 50 more words