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Now that I have finished my junior year of college and am back home, I have never been more bored. There is literally nothing to do in my hometown and all my friends live out of state because I no longer talk to anyone that I was friends with in high school. 140 more words


I'm Alive, I Promise

My last blog post was 1 year and 7 months ago. Life has been crazy, but is that any excuse? All I can do now is apologize for disappearing without even the curtesy of a good-bye and hope that my readers will forgive me. 113 more words


Nothing Called Jobless!

There is nobody that has nothing, there is no space for being Jobless on earth. No work, no food.

You must learn to put your imagination to positive use. 69 more words


How long are you going to cry about the same thing?

I really love to motivate others when they’re down, encourage them, watch them grow and all that good stuff but one thing I refuse to do is “turn up” at your pity party! 681 more words


Father help us

Mommy can’t feed her children
Ms. Atlanta’s bastards are starving
So the children cry
But Mommy turns a blind eye
Then asks her chillin why… 30 more words


A Day in The Life.... of me

Ive always wanted to start a Blog… never knew when i should or even how to do so…I lost my job about 3 weeks ago, and I’m negative in my account. 440 more words


Thất nghiệp

Xã hội này đã quá ngán với hai từ “thất nghiệp”.

Tôi không phải là một trường hợp thất nghiệp đúng nghĩa, vừa học xong đại học, trong khi đợi cấp bằng, tôi đi bán hàng, được một thời gian thì thôi việc. 709 more words