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No Motive

Staring at my computer screen, i decided i needed motivation.  Motivation to get all my ideas into action. Motivation to do things the society  expects me to do. 492 more words

Bored and Scared

Bored and scared are two emotions that don’t go together very often, but in this moment of my life, this is exactly what I’m feeling right now. 578 more words


Jobless in Beirut

Baby come back to me

and let us suffocate

under the polluted airs

of our trash filled cities.

Come back to me

when the sun meets the sea… 62 more words

Jobsearch marathon – answer

Dear Olyetcha,
I’ve read your text. The manager who laughed at your resume is an ass*ole. I want to hear more about that story.
I hear you. 841 more words

The Importance of Markup Languages for Professional Writers

It’s not enough to be able to write well anymore. It’s certainly not enough to be a master of prose, poetic in nature, and have rhetoric that cracks.  860 more words



I’m still alive, don’t worry.

A lot has happened.

I graduated from high school in June and just this August, entered my second year of college. 187 more words

Want to jump from a cliff?

If anyone wishes to jump from a cliff, realize you will break many things unnecessarily.. dear ones who have broken their hearts for some reasons or other…  do not waste time pondering on a cliff wondering what to do next… 94 more words