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Life after completing your student life

It’s almost been a month I am done with my student life and searching for my dream job. Well,being a jobless, has been in a way is a blessing for me. 494 more words

An Urban Refugee

Here, in my town, an entire city block, every home, waits for the wrecking ball, behind a massive square-block chain-linked fence.

The university bought it up to expand their “downtown campus” which does not include the downtown, low-income, mostly renter residents of these homes. 491 more words

"Why Should We Hire You?"

Play along we me here; you’re sailing along in the interview and feeling pretty confident about your chances so far. Then, nearing the end of the process you’re asked by one of the people on the panel, “Why should we hire you?” 882 more words

Job Search Advice

Totally Lost....

I am totally lost, the family comes in the house and the family goes out and I am here, trying to get a job but giving up hope, staring at my computer screen.   215 more words

Journal Entry

My First Post!

Starting a blog is hard. What do I say? What do I do? After much soul searching (in other words while waiting for the kettle to boil to make my 50th coffee of the day) I realised I’m just going to write whatever I feel like and whatever pops into my head. 331 more words


How I got a Job

Most of you know me as Travel Blogger as I have written my First Blog as a Travel Blog while I was in Dubai. Most of its posts have really got popularity and people are engaged in it. 352 more words

Getting Job

How on Earth did I get here

This is my very first post and blogging experience. Since I have recently become unemployed, I ask myself, “How on Earth did I get here?” I have one simple answer…I didn’t drink the Kool Aid. 241 more words