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Some Holidays remain Work Days

“Some Holidays remain work days” is a new caption of Startup ‘JUMPSTART’

What is JumpStart all about?

A 48 hours non stop work to work on assignments and have a pitch day subsequently. 302 more words

Job hunt. 

This place really blows for people like me. Very little – to no training, only experience to fall back on. I know I could get a job at Tim Hortons or Macdonalds, but that’s not me. 16 more words

We're Going To Make It

So today, I started my new internship. Yes folks, it’s unpaid; but I feel as though this is leading me down the right path. I have time to blog, don’t I? 417 more words


Why you'd want to read my blog!

In an effort to escape the mundanity of unemployed life… And since I seem to annoyingly have an opinion about everything. I decided to start blogging. 268 more words


I’m sick, which is never a good thing. I think I have a cold. My throat is scratchy, my eyes are watering, and I am sneezing a lot. 357 more words

Harsh Reality

Fighting the Frustration

I’ve now been out of work now for about two months.

I’ll be honest…the first month wasn’t too bad at all. It was August and I had a couple of interviews. 283 more words


13. That part when you graduate

It has been a few months since I have graduated. And just as any good-natured graduate would, I intend to have my “chair-sitting-cheeks” imprinted on the sofa while my laptop burns my laps till I get my dream job. 566 more words