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A hand up, instead of a reward…….?

It’s always a bad idea to stereo type. Let’s face it all humans still do it, but it’s always worth pointing out something that bursts our comfortable little assumptions…… 324 more words


Back from my hiatus

Hello, lovely readers! (If there are still any left…)

I’m so sorry for disappearing like that. I was going through something and needed some time to meditate (also job hunting is a mood killer). 102 more words

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21 year old baby crawling into life (notice I didn’t say adult. Useless qualifications be damned.)

I’ll be dragging you along with me.

Try not to inhale too much dust.


here's what my day felt like

Today, I tried to find a job.

This is my second attempt for this week, and I’ll be honest: it’s kind of frustrating. If you’re a person who gives his/her best shot in everything, even during the filling out of forms, then you’ll understand. 405 more words


4 Reasons I'm Completely Fine With Not Having A Job Right After College

I had one mission in mind when I entered college: graduate with a job that made me look good. After all I was the brilliant, 4.2 GPA high school student who had built a life based off of the praise of my achievements. 988 more words

Hockey Break

Taking a break on my hockey learning journey..
(plus I’m kind of intimidated because the post I made about the Blackhawks logo and how much I respect their use of it, is getting a few views..) ((how is it being found lolol)) 71 more words


A time of surrender!

In November 2014 I had a really good Job that was able to let me and my wife have a life that we haven’t been able to have in a while. 464 more words