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'tis but a scratch

Jobmine has improved a lot over time, but this is just to remind myself that rejection isn’t that bad.

Just have to do better.

Murasakibara~ TTATT… 29 more words


The Waiting Game

Now that interviews are underway the next step is to wait. I have to wait and see if I made enough of an impression to get an offer, to be ranked as a second or third choice or be completely rejected. 131 more words


my sword and shield

I sometimes think about “small problems” (everyday things I think can be resolved with a little bit of extra effort for less effort in the long run); and yesterday’s discussion with Pjcherri was about the lack of pockets on female outfits for smartphones, and ways to get around it. 204 more words


Waterloo Co-op

I’ve moved this post here for better maintenance.


It's that time of year again..

Info Sessions, Resumes, Interviews, Jobmine.

My new diet consists information session snacks and food. There are not a lot of people on campus this term, so the lineups are short and there is usually twice enough food to feed the crowd (also means more swag). 438 more words


Jobmine Woes

Jobmine, Jobmine,
A system so fine.
If only, if only,
It would make a job mine.

The deadline approaches,
Your resume is due,
Oh crap, you say,
Your font shows in blue! 74 more words

Town Crier rings his bell

Hear ye, hear ye;

‘Tis time once again to find ye a job for the upcoming Fall term.

JobMine is up and ready and for a list of important CECS dates, look at: … 115 more words