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How to CREATE Experiences that Spur Users to Action

I work with Dr. Steve Wendel, who is our Head of Behavioral Science.  He literally wrote the book on designing software for behavior change.  In that book he… 557 more words

What C M Bowra teaches us about jobs to be done

“I don’t know about you, gentlemen, but in Oxford I, at least, am known by my face” C M Bowra

The now apochryphal story about legendary scholar Sir Maurice Bowra (CM Bowra) tells us a great deal about how, when you understand the job to be done, you can come up with an improved solution. 142 more words

Jobs To Be Done

Lundy & June's Jobs To Be Done Post

Lundy was in Los Angeles for work and we were looking for the right venue.  Our job was to find a restaurant to meet and have dinner.   142 more words

Jobs To Be Done

Business opportunities grow from under-, un- and over-served jobs to be done

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A variety of models exist for defining business strategies. All with basics about on understanding markets, customer needs and defining our strategic differentiation. 974 more words

Business Growth Leaders

"Cheaper, Better, Faster," A child explains why needs statements are not fit for purpose.

Whenever you interview people about needs statements or how they would improve a product or service at least one person says something akin  to “Cheaper, Better, Faster”. 335 more words

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