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Labeling is important

When we started on the quest for a diagnosis for my son to understand why his behaviour was different from other children we were met with the response from some people that you shouldn’t give people labels. 634 more words

Market Research

Wim Rampen's It's time to start humanising #digital

 With the rise of Digital enterprises we are made to believe that digitization is the only way to success.

Digital Transformation is on the agenda of nearly every company by now. 224 more words

Jobs to be done - course notes

Getting the most of a job story interview

Dummy-ing up

I’m not sure what you are talking about, can you explain that to me?

Staying in the moment of the job timeline… 140 more words

Innovation driven sales professionals master Jobs To Be Done interviews

Tweeter Linder 2017 – All rights reserved. Photo by iStock.

Figuring out the jobs to be done for your customer is a listening game. Starting with interviews where your customers lay out the landscape. 897 more words


Why traditional personas are terrible (and how to make them better)

Marketers spend countless amounts of time and budget on quests to build the perfect buyer personas. Traditionally, buyer personas are created to understand more about the people buying your products, in order to make better decisions about content development, media strategy, and the holy grail – product development. 927 more words

UX and Product Tip: "Jobs to be done" framework

I recently (by recently I mean about a month ago!) went to a local Meetup hosted by RealUX at Valtech UK in Manchester to see a presentation about the User Experience of Television at the BBC. 277 more words


How to CREATE Experiences that Spur Users to Action

I work with Dr. Steve Wendel, who is our Head of Behavioral Science.  He literally wrote the book on designing software for behavior change.  In that book he… 557 more words