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Continuing Thoughts on Innovation

A few weeks ago, I published a post When Might it be OK to not Listen to the Customer with the inspiration coming from having just finished Innovator’s Dilemma by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen.   563 more words

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Good thoughts on different types of innovation. I'm a fan (as you probably know) of Clayton Christensen and his "jobs to be done" paradigm and this blog provides some helpful nuances to this.

How deep is deep enough in understanding your customers

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The ability to understand customers, is now the number one sales job in many industries. 1,129 more words

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Top Ten Jobs

If you read this blog regularly you may have noticed that I talk about “jobs to be done” a fair amount. This is a concept our firm uses in analyzing the products we make and the markets we serve. 260 more words


Notes on things to come

As I head into the fall there are a number of topics I hope to blog about – both because these topics interest me and because they have come up in the past few months on the teams that I work closely with. 230 more words


Select your lighthouse customers carefully

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Lighthouse customers are the ones critical to understanding your business. It is the customers you want to work with first. 614 more words

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A 15 stage plan to getting the most out of employee research

At Ask Your Staff we believe that employee research should be conducted with the same rigour as customer research – otherwise you are showing your own employees a lack of respect. 4,323 more words

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Using Observation and the Jobs to be Done technique

One of the reasons I became interested in the Jobs to be Done technique is that my son has limited empathy and because his pre-school teacher mentioned that he had would play with certain other children depending on the circumstances. 404 more words

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