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Martin Jordan: Integrating JTBD into existing tools & frameworks

How do you link the Jobs-to-be-Done approach to the tools, methods and frameworks you are already using?

After investigating the JTBD framework, the timeline, the four motivational forces and the retrospective interview technique, we spent an evening discussing the connections and possible integrations with related fields and disciplines, including: 32 more words

Designing Service

Capturing Contexts: A workshop with jobs-to-be-done tools

Customers hire services and products to do a certain job. Once people spot a job in their life they start looking for a solution, an offering that helps them to get the job done.

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Service Management

A good video on Jobs to Be Done

We all want to be more customer focused and closer to the customer.  All that sounds great, but it assumes that we have some idea of who the customer is and what they want. 937 more words

Idea Management

It's easy to think you know your customer

It starts with the purchase

When you get that endorphin rush from seeing a sale you may think you’ve won a customer. If everything’s gone right, you’re absolutely on the way to a relationship that might last years and will produce great things. 639 more words

Customer Experience

Creating Customer Value Through Services: Focusing on outcomes

In the Cambridge Service Alliance we have long talked about the importance of focusing on outcomes – understanding deeply and intimately what it is that your customer or even your customer’s customer values and exploring how you can deliver this.

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Designing Service

Why Amazon wins | Innovate the core, innovate to transform

Take a look at your organization’s innovation projects. Are you strategically balancing your efforts between the core business and future growth areas?

In advising companies about innovation, an area I stress is the value of consciously pursuing both little and BIG innovation. 1,270 more words