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I am a huge fan of Jobs to be Done theory (JTBD). It has really revolutionized my thinking about why customers buy a product, and what makes a product great. 1,022 more words


Alan Klement is a Jobs-To-Be-Done Conman and Here's the Evidence

Alan Klement is a fraud who is conning the jobs-to-be-done community. This post explains how Klement has (1) lied about his entrepreneurial success at a company called Aim, (2) lied about his entrepreneurial success at a company called “lovethelie” ironically, (3) lied about his work history, and (4) spread misinformation about Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory and slandered its pioneers, calling them frauds and idiots on Twitter.com and his website (JTBDinfo.com). 3,637 more words


The Bird Chooses the Tree ... The Tree Does Not Choose the Bird

The post title comes from a connection on LinkedIn … an author who enjoys teaching others about the differences between management and leadership … one of many inputs I value on my own leadership journey.  655 more words

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Some great thoughts from a consistently good writer on the subject of product management and leadership. Enjoy.

How JTBD helps strategies

A recent article by Freek Vermeulen  highlighted one of the biggest failings of strategies, that they are not actually strategies, they are goals (the summary is in the URL!). 226 more words

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Using fear in brand development

There are certain things that never change and motivators tend to fall into two categories desires/wants or fear/anxiety.  Both are shown in the diagram above in terms of changing behaviour. 674 more words

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Notes on Jim Kalbach's Using Jobs to be Done to Create High-Value Products and Services

(Uploaded 9/29/17 to UX Strat’s Slide Share site, link here)

Jobs to be Done (JTBD) focuses on why people “hire” a product or service—usually to progress towards a goal or as part of the process of solving a problem or evolving… 239 more words

Jim Kalbach

Strive to produce masterpieces, not me-toos.

Any one can be an innovator. All one has to do is to introduce a new method, idea, or product. And yet, very few in my experience produce a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship to be worthy of recognition, let alone to be the best piece of work they are capable of producing. 433 more words