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JTD - T3 - Success Criteria

Many times, the client needs help in deciding the real success criteria. While working an eCommerce project with a client from California, we noticed that creating an eCommerce platform to sell their products online, attract more customers via online marketing etc. 125 more words

Jobs To Be Done

FFB's Creating Revenue T-2

When it comes to my career in Marketing, there are many opportunities where we need to show and stay competitive in the marketplace. The biggest way to show our value in a variety of products are the features, functions, and benefits vs the competition. 177 more words

Jobs To Be Done


Generating ideas, in chapter 10 was a great read.  The ideas behind how to more effectively brainstorm were very helpful. I am often a part of brainstorming sessions and having some more framework behind it is insightful, especially those laid out on page 147. 61 more words

Chapter 6 &7

The focus given on insight and observation in chapter 6 and 7 were very interesting. Having grown our family restaurant/food business for several years, the examples surrounding Tasting Choice were incredible and really showed the power of value-based pricing. 46 more words


The example given at the end of chapter 3, in regards to a shift to a new file management system is very similar to what we are currently going through at our company. 79 more words

JTBD - Objectives, Approach, Ideas & Reframe

I began renting my condo on Airbnb a year ago. My objective was to not only make money but also have flexibility to use it at my leisure. 208 more words

Jobs To Be Done

Jobs to be Done T-4

This weeks topic on pain points is something that I do everyday at work. Being in in-home sales identifying customers pain points helps to figure out what their needs are is extremely important. 123 more words