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Designing products against customer jobs

How do you create successful products? By asking customers what they want? By matching market trends? Or rather by understanding the jobs that users try to get…

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Tell me a (short) story

I’ve picked again recently on the theme of Agile planning in this blog and thought I would continue with a few brief thoughts about the context for planning.  615 more words


Avoiding innovation errors through jobs-to-be-done analysis

The lean startup movement was developed to address an issue that bedeviled many entrepreneurs: how to introduce something new without blowing all your capital and time on the wrong offering. 1,583 more words


Networks and Enterprises

A prominent trend of the internet era is the tech-enabled network.  Starting with forums in the early days to Facebook today, networks are arguably the web’s “killer app.”  The most recent incarnation of this is the current crop of marketplaces and networks designed to directly facilitate transactions and social interactions (e.g., Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Etsy, Lending Club, and many others).   333 more words

Jobs To Be Done

Taking the Marketing Approach to UX

The key to successful marketing is advertising a solution, and selling the tool that provides it. Put another way, by looking at the jobs people are trying to accomplish, marketers can better interact with their prospects.

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Business Model Innovation: A Fresh Look at Customer Needs #custsrv #jtbd #cxm

Your business model may be failing or it may be obsolete. Look at reinventing your business model by looking at your product and customer needs!

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