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Verizon Communications Strikers Could Take An Additional Step

Is Verizon Communications stealing from its customers? And just what is Verizon anyway?

Verizon is a publicly traded limited liability corporation. As such, it is a business idea given legal structure through the creation of law in a representative democracy. 672 more words

IWW Movie Night


March 19, 7 PM

Bellingham Alternative Library

929 State Street


“Pride” (2014, 2 hours)  London gays and lesbians raise funds to support  striking coal miners in Thatcher’s Britain. 43 more words

PNLHA joins Portland JwJ, attends meetings

Our affiliate membership to Portland Jobs with Justice was unanimously approved by the steering committee at its August 3 meeting, reports trustee Ryan Wisnor, our representative at JwJ. 109 more words

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Don't Get Your Hopes Up. Minimum Wage Hikes Still Increase Prices and Cause Unemployment

Times have changed. People once thought a cartoon-like increase in the minimum wage would decrease employment and increase labor costs. But now, it seems, the Overton Window has shifted, and the shift in thinking  has some people wondering if the minimum wage is a just a number; dial that sucker up as high as you want…..they say…. 871 more words

Commemorating Portland's Bloody Wednesday

Longshore Workers, Historians, and the Community Remember How Pier Park’s Trees Saved the Lives of Strikers from Police Bullets

PORTLAND — Pier Park in St. Johns is typically a destination for disc golfers on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but on July 11th seventy-five people turned out to the park for a guided historical walking tour commemorating Portland’s “Bloody Wednesday.” Eighty-one years ago on this day Portland police fired upon unarmed strikers during the 1934 Maritime Strike wounding four men, hitting several trees, and infuriating the general public.

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PNLHA Oregon hosts historic event

PNLHA Oregon will host the 1934 ILWU Remembrance Event in St Johns Portland on July 11, as agreed at the Oregon trustees’ meeting in Salem on June 6, 2015. 61 more words

News And Updates