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First week of college/school 

First week of college/school

  • Location of your laundry room and trash room
  • Meet neighbors and friends/ floormates
  • Hang class schedule on walls
  • Connect phone/laptops/ipad/ other electronic devices to school’s Wi-Fi…
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Simply Good Stuff

Oh, hey, look! An article – Six Simple Sunday Habits “It’s hard not to resent Mondays. The day marks the end of the fun and freedom of the weekend—and that’s especially true during the summer, when ordinary Saturdays and Sundays have a carefree vacation vibe.”

Spring is Coming!

In the heat of the summer start to the Presidential campaign, it’s hard to remember that we’re really still in Winter. That’s in economic terms, as the cycles of the seasons last for years rather than a few months. 1,492 more words


The Loop

(Ready for that copypasta I promised?)

People over my age would know full well what I mean if I explain it. So, bear with me. Besides, ‘believe’ and ‘love’ are strong words right? 832 more words



Last month, I interviewed with a company I really wanted to work for. At the time, she said there may be a position opening up in July. 397 more words


Curve balls suck... Balls

2016 fucking sucks. There isn’t really any good thing that has happened yet this year. David Bowie dies, Prince dies, that club in Florida becomes the scene of a mass shooting, Muhammad Ali dies, Trump’s campaign isn’t an elongated April fools joke; the list goes on (wow I make a lot of lists.) 180 more words


Donald Trump Is Actively Seeking More Foreign Workers For His Luxury Resorts

When Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign last summer, the first issue he raised was immigration. Promising to build a wall between Mexico and the United States (no, not the one that… 351 more words