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YAX is hiring Dance and Fashion Design faculty

Youth Art Exchange (YAX) is seeking experienced faculty artist in Dance and Fashion Design to become a part of our vibrant youth arts center in San Francisco. 511 more words


Exciting Times

Maybe too exciting, even.

Yesterday there was a fair at which the students of the applied CS and the business informatics program presented their completed software engineering (part II) projects to the public, meaning primarily the professors and some local IT firms. 1,898 more words

Are Self-Employed People Happier?

Have you ever been listening to the radio and the promo jingle for the station comes on, claiming their music selection can “make your workday go faster”? 836 more words


Growing interstate migration to Qld reflects improving economy & relatively more affordable house prices

As well as releasing the first batch of 2016 Census data, the ABS also updated its quarterly population estimates yesterday, and I was very pleased to see net interstate migration to Queensland is picking up nicely (see chart below). 135 more words


Types of Industry

Primary: produces raw materials( mining, farming, quarrying, fishing, forestry, rubber tapping)

Secondary: manufacturing and assembling( food processing, energy production, steel manufacture)

Tertiary: services( banking, transportation, tourism, hospitality, education) 22 more words


How I Secured A Job A Week Before Graduation & How You Can To

“What’s your plans after graduation?”

The most dreaded, yet, most commonly asked question soon-to-be graduates face on the days, weeks, months leading up to graduation. This question can bring a lot of anxiety, particularly if you don’t quite know what you even want to do, let alone not having any options on the table besides moving back home with your parents. 798 more words


Creative careers

I am writing this on a (semi-intentional) break from work after I left my last job. It was ‘intentional’ in that I knew I needed a bit of a break, I’d saved for nearly a year to ensure I wouldn’t be destitute, and find a job/path that I was passionate about. 418 more words