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Wytches by Snyder and Jock - A Book Review

The hype for this book may have set it up to disappoint.  After all, MTV News called it, “The most terrifying comic you’ve ever read” and USA Today said, “Dark and brutal, Wytches are like nothing horror fans have ever seen.” 370 more words

Book Reviews

Forced Submission by Sandra Claire

Matty would never have expected Scott, the university jock and his lifelong bully, to look at him with lust. For all of high school, Scott tormented Matty mercilessly, doubling his efforts as soon as Matty came out as gay. 121 more words

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Writing Lessons from a Jock

I got a new book today and I am so excited to devour it! Enter To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee.

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while – it’s been the book I think of when I say to myself “I need to read some classics!” Last week while driving home I heard on the radio about  495 more words



The seven-part “Superman: Alien American” will explore single stories from across the life of Clark Kent as drawn by Jock, Nick Dragotta, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jöelle Jones, Jae Lee, Francis Manapul and Jonathan Case. 6 more words


Sit Yo DUMB A$$ Down!

I wanted to leave this topic alone… but I simply could not. Athletes are often given a bad rep for being… who do you say… DUMB! 622 more words


An Agriculture Degree Doesn't Make You a Farmer

Being an agriculture major has made me realize just how bad of a stereotype aggies have. Yes there are some majors that deal with directly going back to run a family farm or even starting your own. 645 more words