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The Famous Five 90s Style: Five Go Off to Camp

Five Go Off to Camp is one of my favourite adaptations of the books. Overall it doesn’t leave too much out and the acting is very good. 1,021 more words

Written By PippaStef

Reinvention from C-IN2

C-IN2 takes a new look at the jock with this modern re take. With a bold waistband design inspired by the markings of Extreme Sports innovatively placed over ribbed Cotton.   15 more words

"Geek" is not what you think

So I have a bit of a “vent”… not really a “rant”, although the subject does rub me the wrong way.

It’s the word “geek”. 1,049 more words

DC Comics September 2015 Solicits Revealed

CBR has rounded up all of the solicits for DC Comics September 2015 publications, and there are some bigger revelations, which you can check out below. 124 more words

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Trendwatching the extraordinary become ordinary

So last week I had the pleasure of attending a Trend Seminar held in London by Trendwatching.com. It was an all-day conference centred around showcasing the most important insights into the future of consumerism. 603 more words

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June Film & TV: Jack

We flew Virgin Atlantic to Florida, which meant two things: all you can eat pretzels and all you can watch Films and TV. Making an 8 hour flight bearable without the use of prescription medication is tricky but those two benefits helped helped a lot. 401 more words

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Wytches Coffin Box

What’s your favorite comic series? One that’s not Marvel or DC.

Right now Image’s Wytches By Scott Snyder (writer) and Jock (illustrator) is high up on my favorites list. 148 more words